CoinOne// Or Digital Dissolve//

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  1. I need some opinions. Which effect is more pliable in different situations?

    How much practice should be inputted into each of these effects? (Although it varies from performer to performer)

    Other opinions that might help me here.

    I am a big fan of Homer, but wanted to weigh out my options here.

  2. It depends on what you want....
    DD is a coin transposition and CoinOne is a coins across routine
    which do YOU the audience both would be amazing...
    only difference is coin one has to be done in your own hands but DD needs a spectator.
    that doesn't mean that one is better than the other...

    In my opinion I choose Coin one over DD because i'm more of a finger flicker
    but thats my preference.....
    choosing the right trick doesn't always have to be one which the audience likes more but one which YOU like to do more.
    so which one would you like to practice and perform more?
    if you enjoy performing it, the audience will in retrospect enjoy watching it just as much.
  3. coinone = PWNAGE
    but its really tough...
    dunno bout digital Dissolve
  4. thats a really touch question
    best situation, get em both

    but umm, id say digital dissolve first
    its one of those tricks, that requires mastery in the patter and magical moments, not really sleights
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    What kind of question is that?
    It's really hard to compare the two, since they are two different effects in coin magic? The only similarity is that they both use coins...
    And obviously both tricks are different in length, one is a series of coins jumping from one hand to the other and the other one is coin transposition, so DD will most likely take a shorter time to perform. So really, the real question should be how you are going to adapt to the situation, but not the trick itself.

    May I ask what kind of situation do you usually or planning to perform in?

    As for the amount of practice for each trick, it really depends on the individual (you probably know that), AND where you set your bar. Do you set high standards for yourself?

    Both has strengths and weaknesses, so why not just get both and make yourself better prepare for different situations?

    Hope this helps,

  6. for your first question; DigDis is probably more pliable in my opinion. I have CoinOne and love it, its kinda a walk around deal, or if your crowd is standing and you are sitting, it can be done if you are standing and if your crowd/audience is sitting, say at like a table but its just a little tricky, you have to have your hands pretty much at the edge of the table. where digital dissolve can be done in any situation.

    Practice wise, CoinOne (if your not familiar or well practiced at coin slights) will take more practice, it is a full coins accross routine, so getting the moves fluid will take you more practice. DigDis takes practice also but not as much in my opinion.

    DigDis CAN be done in just your hands but it hits harder in someone elses.

    as an added note, coinone requires a gimmick on top of it, so if you don't already have it, you will also have to purchase that.

    where DD comes with the gimmick so it's obviously cheaper.

    I have and use both, if you have any other questions just PM me. Hope I could help.

  7. If you don't have money for the gimmick for CoinOne, just use Chris Kenner's the deep that is explained by him. It is totally impromptu, just 4 quarters.

    I lover CoinOne better than Digital Dissolves effect because CoinOne is in more than 2 phases while Digital Dissolve is only 1 phase. Both are great, I'm a finger flicker and love CoinOne which also has alternate endings and alternat mid phases

    CoinOne takes a few times watching through and doing it while watching to get it down but it is awesome.

  8. That is a really good point, practice and use "The Deep" until you are able to get your hands on the gimmick, then start on CoinOne
  9. haha that what i did....and neither of them has came yet :(
  10. i no both of them i think coinone is a better choice but requires a lot a lot of practice pm me for info
  11. I think both are pretty awsome, but I personally think Coinone is better. Let me tell you why:

    1. Coinone teaches more sleights, and the melt away vanish is awsome. They also teach Mr. Kenner's The Deep routine.

    2. a more common gimmick. the gimmick you need for coinone actually has more uses than the Digital dissolve gimmick.

    Just my thoughts- do what you will


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