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Sep 14, 2017
Someone in my course is having a house party and everyone is invited, no one in the college knows im a magician and in my course i am a bit quiet so i was thinking about going and doing some magic, just wanted some tips on what you would do in this situation. Thanks


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Sep 13, 2008
It really depends on your style of performance and the character you portray in your performance.

Personally I just drop a few casual comments about subjects that my routines revolve around, and then gently push the conversation to a point where someone will ask me to demonstrate what I mean. If I'm really wanting to do something, I have several prepared lines that I use during an introduction to more or less guarantee that they'll ask me to do some performance.
Jul 26, 2016
This is a great opportunity for you to get some performing experience!

I would recommend that you tell the host ahead of time that you do some magic and ask him/her whether
they would like you to walk around and entertain the guests with a few tricks at the party. They are almost certain to say yes, but this will show some respect and make it more likely that the host will pave the way for you by mentioning to people either before, and/or at, the party, that you are going to do some magic. Be sure to mention to the host that you do not expect any compensation for this.

Also, unless you are planning to do a stand-up show, I would make it clear to the host that you do "strolling magic," in other words, just walking around to the various guests (whether they are sitting at a table, standing around, or whatever), and doing a trick or two then moving on to other guests. I suggest that you resist the temptation to do more than a trick or two for each person or small group that you approach. It's good Show Biz to "leave them wanting more!"

Finally, you mentioned the nest of wallets. That is one that plays big that you could do as a finale or "mini-show" for everyone after you have done your walk-around. You could also do the Invisible Deck for the entire group at the end as part of a mini-show, if you do that one. Just tell the host that you would like do something for the entire group and he/she can inform everyone and gather them together for it.

Good luck!
May 19, 2010
I would just go enjoy the party. If something comes up organically, great. If not, why stress about it? Have fun
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