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  1. I've got a couple years before I head off to college. If I accomplish all my goals when I think I will accomplish them, I can be working as a full on "professional" (If I have the right to call myself that) by the end of this year.

    That said, can Magic carry me through college?
  2. Sometimes I think the fact that I graduated college by mere magic !!
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  3. I hope I learn how to do a report card change by the time I graduate '_'
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  4. What exactly do you mean by carrying you through? That you can earn some money performing some shows or?:)
  5. Yeah...someone needs to make a report card change, and quick.
  6. although it will not change your original grade, it will change the grade that your parents will see . You get your report card and print out 1 sheet of paper in the same font and size of the grade on the report card. If you have a "b" you print 1 sheet of computer paper that has an "a". Then you glue the "a" over the grade that your changing. After, you scan the report card and print out a new one which shows you having good grades. Pretty foolproof, except that there will be a small line where the paper that you glued on will make. I cut out the grade to that the grade is on a box like shape that is close to the box that is surrounding your grade.

    You can also use white out and write a grade over the old one and print your paper out.
  7. Both making money and being able to perform.
  8. Something that I like to do to not get stressed is work out how much I can do in the time I have for example I am finishing school and go college in 2 and a bit years so I worked out how much magic I'm going to be able to learn and how good I can get in that time. I turn 15 in a month and am going to try get a job at a place that I want to perform at in 2 years time. There is a famous saying that if you practise for 10000 hours then you are then classed as a "pro" at what you do. So do things like work out how much money you can make, find a place you want to work, find a good place to busk and a style that will suit you. Instead of getting worried think long term
  9. I don't know how god you are but Chris Ramsay did a video on how to work at a place doing magic
  10. The 10,000 hours thing is how long it takes to "master" a skill, not become a professional.

    Professional performer means you make the majority of your income via performing magic, and that income pays your bills. Sadly, it does not mean you're actually good at magic. What it means, is that you're good at selling your show. Those are two different beasts.

    So can performing magic get you through school? Yeah, if you're good at selling it. You can make bank doing performances - but the thing is that most performers don't understand that how good you are is darn near irrelevant. The guy who pushes his show, makes those contacts, gets people to like him, and books gigs - regardless of his skill level, he's the one who's going to make the money.

    It's a hard pill to swallow - but it's the truth.

    If you want to use magic to get you through college: Certainly, write a show and make it as good as you can. But you need to learn business. You need to learn how to market yourself, you need to learn how to handle your finances, and you need to learn how to get people to pay you to do what you love doing.
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  11. @Maaz Hasan, I think your answer depends on "carry me through" - do you mean pay for college which is $20K to 25K a year or to get you a lot of spending money. You could easily get $400 to $500 a week by doing two kids shows on Saturday or you could score a job at a restaurant performing magic table hopping a couple of nights a week and get around $100 a night.

    As @ChristopherT said, there are two parts - having the show and having the hustle. I put a little more emphasis on having the a strong show because word of mouth is the easiest way to get gigs. Also, having a show that stands out and is different than the competition helps a lot. You are the guy that does _______, not just another interchangable magician.
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  12. Yes, I agree, having a solid show that generates word of mouth is the best way to get steady bookings. The only problem there is that it can take a long time to build that foundation of people talking about you. After 3 years of performing in this region I'm finally getting to the point where people show up to an event I'm working and say, "My sister saw you at this other thing, and she said I HAD to see your show!"

    Basically - you can either do the slower route, which is in my opinion a better way, or you can get a workable show together and hustle on finding people to hire you. Or a mix.

    My style is so specialized that I basically have to do the word of mouth thing, because I need someone to talk about my show to explain their experience of it.
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  13. Thanks!
    I think I can probably will start with the slow route since I still have a lot of time before College, but will work on my business skills too. Get the best of both worlds!

    I'll save this thread for reference.
  14. Maaz, I would just add to the already excellent pointers you have received, that practicing 10,000 hours may make you a skillful sleight-of-hand artist, but not necessarily a good performer/entertainer. The most important skill to be practiced (in addition to learning to market/sell yourself, as suggested) is the precise skill you intend to earn money by doing, and that is performing for people (and not merely a couple friends or family members). To achieve the goal of being a professional performer, one that people will want to hire to be an entertainer, you would be far better off with 500 hours in front of people (restaurant, street, parties, whatever) than 10,000 hours practicing in your room. Becoming a good or great performer can only happen through a whole lot of performing, and trial and error. A great entertainer, with an engaging, pleasing personality, performing the 21 Card Trick will generally be more successful as a pro than an individual who can do knuckle-busting sleight of hand, but who is bland and boring and uses explanatory patter/scripts.
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  15. lmfao
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