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  1. How do people feel about Collins key. Whether its about his time on AGT or post AGT , after AGT he just disconnected himself from the magic community and uses other peoples effects and does stuff jarek 120 teaches. Opinons?
  2. Never heard of him before now, and his channel is so obnoxiously colored I couldn't even watch a single video.
  3. I think he's a young talented magician that had some misguided ideas about his routines on AGT. He used routines that other people created without permission, this got him a lot of flack.

    I think he appeals to a certain crowd, and there is an audience out there that enjoy his magic.

    Many magician use what Jarek "teaches". Not because they learned it from Jarek but because Jarek reveals popular magic, that many magicians perform, for personal gain.
  4. That was a theory i had yeah , i know Jarek learned those from Brad Christan's DVDs
  5. Not everything he exposes is from Brad Christian's DVD's. Jarek has stolen and revealed material from Wayne Houchin, Blake Vogt, Jay Noblezada, Dan Harlan, and Hansen Chein to name just a few more.
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  6. What has he exposed ?
  7. A Ton of stuff.
    Just to name some stuff:

    The Raven
    Invisible Thread
    The Riffle Fan (Oh god, the amount of hate he got for that was amazing. The entire community was against him)
    Bizzare Twist (Without Paul Harris's Permission)
    The "Criss Angel" Color change (No idea where it actually originated, I believe Jay Sankey made it for Angel, but I have no clue)
    And a ton more

    Now I will admit, for a period of time, Jarek's stuff was actually good. I did watch him when I first started out in magic, but really didn't enjoy his work. When I found actual magic channels that guided you down "the right path" and started learning from them - not just tricks, but sleights, etiquette, and performance - and began to work with books, I realized Jarek's channel was 90% Trash. I will admit, I did learn and perform a few tricks from him, but they weren't marketed effects (I think).

    The Color change he revealed used to be my go to trick, until I realized how unclean it left me. I started experimenting and it actually lead to me inventing my first trick about a little over a year and a couple months ago, so in some twisted world (ha, or a "Disturbed Reality") I guess I owe that to him?

    As for Collins - is he even a magician YouTuber? I looked through his stuff, and in the last 12 months he has posted exactly 2 magic related videos. The channel looks super cringey anyways. smh
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  8. Oh yeah , the riffle fan video basically sent him down the toilet as far as cardistry goes , and he took Anna with him
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  9. And as Far as Collins goes , him getting through on AGT was 40% a sob story (him being socially awkward and all that) 40% looks and 20% actual talent. Stats say he trends worlwide but too actually know whats hes up too , you gotta follow him pretty closely
  10. Does he do any magic?
  11. He dosent Trend , thats the thing
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