Color Change in Guardian Trailer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragon521, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. What's the color change on the Guardian trailer that happens around 1:21?
  2. It is 'Change' by Daniel Madison.
  3. That's not Change. I'm not sure what change that was, but it was not Change.


  4. I think he was talking about the one before that.
  5. Oh yes. Change was after that. Sorry for the wrong info.
  6. Looks sort of like a Window Change variation.

  7. I find it looks like the ego change from the side, it's something i've already seen in a video before but it looks better on camera then in real life....

  8. Its the neo change, but I;m not sure who it;s by.

  9. It's not the neo change, it's one of Daniel's I believe which will also feature on the 'Change' DVD.

    Neo is by Daryl Sato by the way :)

  10. But was that change in the demo?...

    Better not be!

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