Color Deception Brass

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  1. Color Deception Brass

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    Setup: 5/10

    The setup for this effect is fairly simple... meaning it's not hard, and it won't take long to do. However, the downside is that it cannot be done in front of your spectators, and you need an extra "something" to do it. Of course, the effect comes with this "something".

    Difficulty: 2/10

    This effect is completely self working. This means that you will have plenty of "wiggle room" so to speak to work on your performance (which is the most important part of your magic!).


    Like the setup, this is simple and won't take much time, but it cannot be done in front of your spectators. And also like the setup, you need that extra little something.

    Price: 4/10

    I honestly thought the price was a little much for what you were getting. However, this can be a great effect if you put a lot of effort in coming up with a great performance (you can get some ideas from the PO Forum). However, I don't see anyone buying this in the near future, seeing as it's out of stock.


    -You end clean.

    -Chips are examinable.

    -Trick is self working, letting you worry about your performance.

    -Setup/reset is fast, and shouldn't take you more than 10-15 seconds.


    -For the setup/reset, you need a little "something".

    -Is a little expensive.

    -Sometimes the gimmicks can get "loose". Owners will know what I mean.

    -Since these are not objects people are used to seeing, they will automatically think gimmick.

    My Thoughts-

    When I first got this trick, I went all over showing it to everybody. People liked it, but, like I said in the "Cons" section, these aren't objects people are used to seeing, so they will assume it's a gimmick. With the right presentation, this can be a very nice effect. However, there are probably better things to spend your money on.

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