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  1. Well I feel this effect deserves the props it should get. First off lets start off describing the reactions I get from this effect. The first time I performed Color Fusion it was to my next door neighbor. Most of my neighbors know me and what I do but never have I performed an effect that kept the guy coming to my door 6 times till 4 am asking how I did this trick and he can't sleep till he knows. Having said that I have had the DVD for about 2 months now and I perform it regularly on a day to day basis but I want to give a non-bias review excluding my above remarks for you guys. You can purchase the effect through

    The effect: You have a spectator choose a card. At this point you can do the basic routine of color fusion where you have the spectator sign the card. Then you take the card and rip a quarter of the card off and put it in the spectators hand and have them close their hand. Second you fold the remaining card up and put it into their other hand. After a few seconds goes by you tell them to open their hands and the quarter you ripped off has changed to a different color. Now it can be red to blue or vice versa. Immediately they match their pieces up showing their signature.

    The Second version takes a little bit more skill to perform but instead of putting the remaining card in their hand you change their card one quarter at a time to a different color.

    Both versions allow the spectator to keep the card as a souvenir.

    My likes: Its reactions, the handling (for the most part), and it's rareness.

    My dislikes: The time to make the gimmick ( you can purchase the gimmick separately not that hard to make your own though.
    The creator seems to be bored with his own effect (teaching and performing).
    not very good presentation.
    Some of the card sleights are rather elementary and predictable.

    Overall I give this effect a 9 out of 10.

    By the way Eric James is the creator for informations sake.

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