Colorado Magicians?

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  1. Hello I living in Colorado and perform tons of magic. I perform at the pearl street mall all the time. I have never had any one who I can talk to and jam with magic. I am a freshman in high school any other kid magicians?
  2. And just FYI I am the creator of MO-MO, Andern, and Switchback which are being sold on the wire
  3. where in Colorado? I'm originally from colorado and visit now and then. will probably be going back in May for leave.
  4. Boulder/Nederland area
  5. Oh... never mind then
  6. Colorado is a great place for magic! How long have you been into magic?
  7. I have been being taught by a man named Richard Nakata for about two years. I have also gotten many lessons from Dave Neibors (one of the top coin guys in the world) I have been doing magic for about 3 years.
  8. Sounds great there's always Doc Eason he's a legend, and you have the Magic in the Rockies convention that is a great convention to go to!
  9. I have me Doc Eason and I go to magic in the Rockies every year.
  10. Richard is such a cool guy. I used to go see him at Reinke Brothers in Littleton.
    Not sure what he's up to nowadays.... I recall seeing him at either Banachek's or Gene Anderson's show in 2012.
    Oh, I live in Denver.

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