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  1. I have a few questions about both. First off, can Colorblind be performed impromptu and blindfolded? What exactly are the different methods given? And can they be modified to suit other needs?

    And CoinOne - I have CoinTwo and am very very pleased with it. CoinOne seems quite different, and I'm wondering if I should add it to my repertoire. I'd like to hear some thoughts as well as some CoinOne/Two comparisons and differences. Also how many coins does it use? As in X coins and the gimmick?

    Finally, which would be better for walkaround and restaurant? I understand they're different genres, but could you still give an opinion?


  2. Well I don't know if Colorblind can be done both blindfolded and impromptu in the same performance because i don't have it. YET. But CoinOne uses 4 half dollars or silver dollars(not sure which) and the gimmick. And they're both great for restaurant walkarounds but I would say CoinOne is better if you're in a noisy setting because its more visual and you don't need to talk a lot.
  3. Just wanted to say it shouldn't matter which coins he uses for this trick. As long as he has the gimmick that goes with the coin he is planning to use.
  4. I would say coinone would be much better for resturant work. In my opinion Colorblind is an effect that needs to be built up and has a very serious nature to it. I feel it may be a little to heavy for typical resturant work especially if you are planning on doing it several times throughout the night. I don't really perform at resturants I have in the past however it is just not me, and mentalist is very hard to do in this type of venue.

    The thing about colour blind is on the surface it is a very simple effect that without the story is quite boring. That effect needs to be built up correctly otherwise it will play very very flat.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I agree, I'll probably get CoinOne and then Colorblind when I build up a mentalist routine.

    Thanks again!


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