Colour Change Advice!

Hey guys

I was just wondering what some good colour changes that dont include the Tenkai Palm (Excuse Spelling) and are fairly angle-sensitive Free ? Ive been using the Erdinase Colour change, and that is good, but i was wondering if there are any better ones?

Thanks heaps :)
Oct 29, 2007
The Winter Change is highly visual, and has little angle restrictions, but takes a bit of work to get down smoothly.

The Cardini Change is classic and has many variations (i.e. Ego Change by Daniel Garcia) with only a moment of angle sensitivity.

The Duck Change is super knacky, but is instantaneous and super visual, with no angle restrictions.
Nov 12, 2012
United States
Yo ujust choose you color from the beginning of making the file or any project because if you thinkis opr try to change the color after compleation and some advertisement of this thinkg or product then you may face different problem so you should always choose the general and standerd color for making any thing...
Oct 18, 2008
i like (and am currently practicing) the Cardini - as described in a previous post, there are some great variations ie. EGO change, and if im not mistaken Tony Chang has his own variation that he teaches on his video 'DVR'
Apr 6, 2011
Lansing, MI
The only color change I ever use is a variation on Daniel Garcia's EGO change. Slightly angle sensitive, but damn it looks good and ends 100% clean.


Jun 5, 2012
My favourite change is easily the Hurricane change. It can be done with open fingers, and that's how it looks it's best, but with closed fingers it becomes virtually angle proof. The video below is old and I don't exactly do the change like this any more, but you get the idea..
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