Colour Changes

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Rasengan, May 12, 2009.

  1. that was really good performances. Good job. I thought they all lokked perfect, but when u did the polaroid change, add a little bit of flutter... that makes it look better.
  2. dude that was really good, i don't think you flashed, but if you did i didn't see it.
    overall great job!!
  3. holy crap.
    your so good man.
    your too humble.
    can you suggest any videos where i can learn basic to advanced color changes?
  4. no flash's, that was awesome, i love color changes, yours are perfect
  5. real good
    the duck change was the weakest one.
  6. Well done man, very nice.

  7. I wouldn't say it was weak, but it would say the handling is different. I used to do the duck change like so, releasing off the thumb rather than the finger.
  8. props man tat has to be one of the color change compilations on youtube you performed them very well
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked it. And yes, I have practiced the duck change the less from all of my colour changes.
  10. Great changes, I saw one flash. at 1:17 the second card can be seen in one corner. Other than that, everything was good. Better than me
  11. Very well performed, all the color changes were beautifully done. I really enjoyed your compilation, great job man!
  12. OMG, DUDE !!
    You're just too mastered to be true :D
    Thumbs up and respect you dude :)
    Well Done :D

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