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  1. i am planning to submit three colour changes onto the wire the first colour change is the main move as i can be used as a steal control load turnover and many more applications the other two are two unique colour changes one in the hands and the other allows you to show your hands empty but still change the card

    my question is how much would you pay for three colour changes a control and a utility move open to many applications?
  2. There is one slight problem...
    You really can't ask what somebody would pay for something they haven't seen. The value is going to be within the content of the material.
    I would maybe make a private YouTube link and have a few close people check them out and then maybe help you formulate a price.

  3. ok thank you i will do this as i know some knowlegable magicians shin lim actually referred me to the wire but my only problem is im doing this to save up for a huge project
  4. and i will only get payed by surpassing the 50 dollar mark
  5. If you PM me a link, I'll tell you what I'd pay for it. Just send me the performance clips, since that's what everyone else will be using to decide. I won't make any effort reverse engineer the tricks. If the method is obvious to me (probably won't be if it's really a new technique and you did it well) I won't perform it until it's been on the Wire.

    That last paragraph was probably confusing. Basically, if you fool me, I won't try to be work out the method, and if you don't fool me, I won't do anything with it until it hits the Wire.

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