Combination false shuffle

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  1. I wouldn't recommend that, The shuffle isn't very original.

  2. Don't worry about selling anything. Just work on your skills for a while.
  3. How come it ain't original??
  4. Because the basic techniques were published over a hundred and ten years ago?
  5. Hundred and ten years ago table cascade wasn't even used or probably invented. I know you are trying to be smart and say that it is a push - through. So someone invents a new way to do a bottom deal and it ain't original because bottom deal was invented hundred years ago.
  6. You might want to look at a few books from the 1800 before saying stuff like this. There is Slight of Hand from 1884, it can be had for about $15 as a paper back. Then there is the Hofzinger set. It is $250 but well worth it. Just by looking at those two you would know what many of the new guys think of as original have been around for over 120 years or more. Also a variation of an effect is not original. It is your way of doing someone elses effect. Also the bottom deal is more than 100 year old.
  7. What about Heinstein shuffle, Manfred Shuffle, Truffle shuffle, Guy Hollingworth false riffle shuffle, Ben Earl false riffle shuffle, and all of these aren't original because they are just variations of a in the hands false riffle shuffle. And I do know that bottom deal is older than that.

  8. Here is the difference. These guys give credits and it was part of a book or a magazine but something for a quick download. Also they give credit for the original move. It wasn't put out just trying to earn a quick buck on the wire. They knew it was a throw away thing so it was put in with a larger body of work. Now if you were to put together a whole set of false shuffles got permission from the creators and gave proper credit maybe it would be worth putting out. Right now it is something un-original un-credited and shouldn;t be sold as a stand alone.

    Now if you want to see how to do it look at Michael Ammar. He teaches other people stuff. His variations of other people stuff and his original stuff. When he is teaching other people stuff he gets permission and he gives full and proper credits to them. Tom Stone in his book gave full and proper credit to the people who needed crediting.

    OR to put it another way. How would you feel if I took your video changed one thing and put in on the wire with better production and charged twice the price and said it was original?
  9. First of all I will delete this page because there just isn't any interest. Second of all two or three of these were downloads just by themselves. Plus I would give credits and have researched this shuffle long enough and with all due respect I most likely know a lot more about it than you do. With that said I'm tired of arguing and I wish you all the best.
  10. You'll just have to take my word for it, but I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read this.

    Dude how old are you? Because there's a chance that krab has been doing this professionally since before you learned how to construct a sentence. Do NOT get pissy with people when you have to confront the reality that your ambitions have overshot your skills.
  11. Just wanted to say that I apologize if I have insulted anyone and would like to close this thread.

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