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  1. So, nice to see you guys! Haven't posted (nor done anything related to magic) for ages.
    After I'd made some major steps in my life and had some inspirational moments (which I can tell about if anyone wants (; ), I finally returned to my beloved art. It feels so awesome!
    The thing is, does anybody of you somehow know where I could buy magic supplies (at least good quality cards) in Amsterdam, Netherlands? 'Cause I only have a deck of Bikes here with me, the one I take everywhere.
    Once again, it feels awesome to be back!
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    Hey man, I moved to Amsterdam in March. I've practised little and performed even less in my time here.

    The Holland Casino near Leidseplein sells cards I think, but I believe the corners are snipped like alot of casino cards. Your best bet is a shop called The Gameskeeper on Hartenstraat in the Nine Streets, it has bikes and some custom cards. I think I spotted a Theory11 Mystery deck in there the last time I was in.

    Best of luck in this city!

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