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  1. Hey guys! Alex here. I was just wondering, what are some of your favorite, most hard-hitting card tricks, that you regularly perform at paid gigs/on the street. One of my personal favorites is TnR Transpo by David Williamson. Ah, the reactions I've gotten with that one. French Kiss and Angle Zero are great too. I look forward to your responses! Thanks! :)
  2. My BEST reaction is Jay Sankey's Wrap it Up. That, and Smoke.
  3. I like Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher. It works better with a table, but it works just fine on the street.
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    specifically card trick uum id have to say angle zero and infliction are incredibly creative and allow for great scripts.
    I love card tricks that aren't card tricks.
  5. For cards, Richard Osterlind's "Challenge Mindreading" is tough to beat. Best card effect I've ever come across to really make people question if you're doing the real thing. After performing this effect you will have everyone's attention.
  6. For commercial card mentalism it is hard to beat T 4 2 by Docc Hilford. Basically two spectators each take five cards and think of one from a freely shuffled deck. And you reveal both cards in amazing fashion and there is next to no set up.

    Annemann's Par Optic vision is another effect which is head and shoulders above everything else. If you go back to the Jinx handling there is no set up at all. Not that a full deck stack is a bad method, I just prefer to constantly have the deck shuffled in performance.
  7. I've been getting really good reactions from Inflict by Patrick Kun. It's become by go to colour change trick.
  8. I love the Inflict move!!

    I've adapted it to the "think, touch, turn" effect by Ed Marlo :d works our very well :D
  9. The best effect for me when I'm doing walkaround or casual performances is hands down the Okito Voodoo Doll. I get great reactions from kids and adults alike and I'd suggest you look into this wonderful effect.
  10. Definitely Card to Mouth. It's a simple trick, but it gets great surprised reactions.

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