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  1. Ok, well i have to make this commercial thing at my school. It has to be advertisin something and i chose a deck of cards. I just dont know what to put into it. Im not to good at XCM at all but i could learn some stuff for the vid. We need around a 1 minute video. Idk what cards to use either, my only good conditiond ones are red/blue bikes and black tigers. Any ideas?
  2. When is your commercial due? I don't think you'll have enough time to learn several flourishes if it's due in 2 weeks or something, since you said you are not good at XCM...

    Maybe try to learn Werm and Waterfall or maybe some table false shuffles
  3. I have about 3 weeks and i know some basic XCM but not much. Im pretty good with editing so i wouldnt need much. I just need some ideas for the video. I was thinking of going w/ the Black Tigers. I love the trailor for the 1800's and wanted some sort of theme for the tigers.
  4. Well I was doing a gambling commercial and did some stuff I know and I threw in Hovercard and thats what got me the commercial!

    (Who know what im talking about?)
  5. r u brad christain? (looking at you with david blaine eyes)
  6. Yeah i'd second the werm, 2 days after purchase and it was great. Also (don't take my word for it, get a second opinion) but people said the Carnahan Fan wasn't hard, I don't own it but if its relatively easy throw that in.
  7. Personally, just for the sake of it, commercialize the Black Tigers, not for the sake of free advertising for a company, but rather that it will achieve I think a better reaction from your audience rather than just regular cards.
  8. the carnahan fan isn't too hard, but it is nacky and requires some time to get it just right. But you mix that with a one handed fan and you got an S fan which always looks great.

    other idea's would be hot shot cut, vertigo with hacky sack or under pressure
  9. In the Vintage 1800's video the cards match their setting, what would be a good place to film tigers? Obviously somewhere dark, but it cant just be dark, maybe like some cellar w/ cobwebs and bla idk. But its gotta be somewhere i can find a place to do it at.

    Graveyard at night would be good.

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