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  1. Hey everyone. For those of you who have been talking to me on AIM or through PMs on the forums... chances are you know that I am soon going be be making either a video or a lengthy essay talking about the different topics of commercialism in magic. I just wanted to know some things you would like to see in the video or essay.

    PLEASE NOTE!: This is not a video that will be attacking magic companies! I will be mentioning a few magic companies in this video, I will be saying some good and some bad things. However, this is not a biased video (or essay). I will be giving both sides to the arguments and saying my personal opinions. The moment this turns into that type of thread... I will request a moderator close it. Also, if you guys like this video and you feel that I opened your eyes a bit to some things you never realized before... I may do more than one of these videos or essays every once in a while. I was thinking if I did that, then some people could argue my points through comments or PMs. I would then talk about them in the next video. (I would not only take comments that I could talk back to. If there was a valid point made in a comment or PM that I felt was very good and I had nothing back to it... I would say so in the next video. Again... this is not biased.)

    Anyway, please post what you would like to see in this video or essay. I've been planning this for a while so I know pretty much what I want to say. However, I want to see what you want. Have an idea, but scared that you don't think it would be appropriate for the thread? Send me a PM or an IM on AIM. My screen name is in my signature.

    One more note... for those of you who know me on AIM.... you all know I pretty much never leave away messages or sign off, so for those who don't know me, if I don't respond, I'm not ignoring you. I'm just not there.:rolleyes: So make your suggestion and I'll be making this video anytime from today to within the next 2 days. Thanks.


    PS: I think I'll make the video over the essay most likely.
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    Well i think this may be off topic but we need a truly underground site with awesome tricks. It needs people to take an online test of some magic knowledge and only if they pass they could get a password to enter and buy. This would reduce exposure and make sure it wont be overly commercialized. Also making sure there would be a valid experienced community that could help each other out. What if someone wasn't magically smart enough to get in they could do magic for a while and pick up on the answers or the could be a beginners section. None the less thats what we need.
  3. Hey Doug,

    I would really like a topic comparing the commercial businesses (online, Magic Shops etc...) VS. the magical communities (I.B.M. S.A.M. etc...)

    There is definitely a big difference between the two, and both topics should be compared.
  4. Hey, love your idea!!!

    I'm adding you on aim! Also, I would like you to explain some stuff about some gimmicks and how visible/well made they are. Such as the distortion gimmick, how visible it is and how easily it will break! :) thanks dude!
  5. Well I don't own Distortion so I can't really comment on that. However, that is a completely different topic than commercialism. So I won't be commenting on that. Sorry. :( Thanks for your input though.

  6. Thats Exposure!!!! You said that Distortion uses a gimmick!!!! Just kidding. I had to say that because I have been seeing that so much lately.
  7. Can we please stay on topic guys? Thanks.

  8. Hi... I have my BA in English Lit and did a lot of work on the study of subcultures, mainly in Punk Rock...

    Anyways, I feel like the commercialism of magic is a lot like commercialism in other subcultures and it's looked down at as selling out... but the fact is, no matter what, everything will get put out there by someone no matter how much we want to keep it as our own little thing.

    There are pluses and minuses of course. David Blaine's Street Magic gets you interested, a plus, but a lot of people saw the street magic exposed show making those tricks not as useful.

    I guess I think I'd like you to explore the idea that commercialism gets more people involved and more people passionate while at the same time gets the info to people who treat it disrespectfully.
  9. This will be talked about in my video as well. You are also completely right.

  10. This Magic exposure is like the humanity. Humans cut many trees for making profit, but at the end they cut themselfes. That's just same as magic exposure. If everyone knows how the trick is done, no one will want to buy their stuff and also if everyone knows how its done, the old school magicians won't buy it because there is no more person to amaze/ to entertain with magic. Of course there will always be some persons who don't have a clue, but i personally wouldn't like just go get every third person amazed.
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    Who is to say commercialism is bad if magic wasn't advertised by TV, Magazines, Word of mouth,etc... We may never had any of the greats Kenner, Houchin,Garcia, My point is most people think commercialism is bad but, it is how we grow, evolve we need more people to perform. Now I agree that with 1 good magician comes 50 bad. But if every good one increased the value of our art by 1 percent all we need is 100 to be perfect. Not everyone could be great at magic or anything for that matter but a great magician can come from anyone.

    Inspire and be inspired

  12. I would be interested in exploring the usefulness of "Teach A Trick" segments in television programs. Do you need them to be commercial and competitive in tv now? Most magic specials & series have included "Teach A Trick" segments (even Angel has done a few of them and ellusionist is teaching them online tied to abracadabra), and I've always wondered:
    1. Are these segments really effective in either drawing an audience or maintaining an audience through the ad break?
    2. Are they requested by networks for sales reasons?
    3. How many magic enthusiasts have been influenced early on by learning a trick from television.
  13. I will be touching on that subject as well. Thanks for the input.

  14. I've had about 4 people IM me on AIM asking me if I was a fanboy. I will answer this... I am NOT a fanboy. I'm not sure if I will be talking about fanboyism in my video. (I decided to make a video instead of an essay.) Seeing that fanboys don't have much to do with commercialism, I don't feel a need to bring them up. However, I may talk a little bit about them.
    I have a feeling that with this video... a few people will open their eyes and realize something. I will also have a few people sending me PMs and IMs saying that I'm an ignorant jerk. (Such as fanboys...) However, don't worry. I'm not saying things like not to buy from T11 and E. Just to prove it I'll say it here... I love buying from T11 and E. I got Believe a few days ago and I use Guardians frequently. I love Master decks and Shadow Masters are awesome. There you go. Just to clear up some possible confusion. ;) Thanks.


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