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What kind of manipulation (out of these 3) do people enjoy seeing most?

  1. Flourishing

    25 vote(s)
  2. Juggling

    5 vote(s)
  3. Yo-Yo Tricks

    7 vote(s)
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    What kind of manipulation do laymen enjoy seeing most?

    I've had a bit of a problem with audiance reception to my flourishes. I also do some magic, and when I do flourishes people either don't seem that interested or want to see magic instead. It's really killed my desire to get out and perform flourishes. Is this form of manipulation just not appealing to people?

    Do people prefer juggling, yo-yo tricks, or other forms of manipulation to cardistry?

    People seem to think that juggling and yo-yo-ing take more skill than cardistry (at least that's how it's always seemed to me). The aerial aspect always seems to get the most attention. People do like to see me shoot cards through the air, but they don't respond well to cuts. I've been flourishing for a little over a year, and I don't think this problem is because I'm bad at what I do, I just think this art form is unappealing to people even though it has a novelty aspect to it.

    What do you think? Has anyone else had a problem with audiance reception? Is this art form unappealing or uninteresting to laymen?
  2. YES! i think the problem is that people just think you are shuffling. I will say "Look at this" and do some cut, and they'll just be like "yeah... so?"
    If you present yourself as a magician, or have a reputation of being a magician, then people expect magic... anything you do with the cards that isnt just 'magic' just isnt really that interesting. If you present yourself as a flourisher, people arent gonna know wtf you are talking about... before you got interested in cardistry did you know any famous flourishers? did you even know what flourishing was?
    you cant do magic with yo-yos or juggling, and KRAZY cool moves is what they are known for. If you look on TV or go to the carnival, its not uncommon to see a juggler. Turning on the TV i have seen yo-yo competitions. NEVER have i seen any cardistry / flourishing. Maybe some of you have, but this is just my perspective.
    The point i'm trying to make, is that flourishing is something that the average layman has never seen or heard of before, and because of this, has no interest in seeing it.
    Also, i would like to say that putting this poll on the Theory 11 forums is not going to get you results that are even relatively close to the average person. Thats like asking Hy-Vee which grocery store you should shop at, and expecting them to tell you which store will give you the most quality for the lowest price. (the answer would obviously be Hy-Vee)
  3. I don't want to know what flourishers think is most interesting. I want to know what flourishers think regular people think about their flourishes. I can't really ask this anywhere else since, as you said, nobody knows wtf flourishing is.

    When I first saw flourishing I was blown away and loved it, but that's probably due to the fact that I did magic and was already really into cards.
  4. I LOVE FLOURISHING but I prefer to watch yo yo tricks, specifically the one that the little girls do in the cirque du soleil do, dammit its amazing :).. but between the bucks and the yoyo girls, I'd stick to the bucks..

    I think that people enjoys more yoyo tricks, because juggling its almost the mainstream.. people doesnt see flourishing in the way we do... and yoyo tricks for them is amazing because they arent ''shuffling'' and they arent juggling as MANY people can do, and its very cool..

    just my thoughts

  5. There is also penspinning.
  6. Yeah, laymen don't like flourishing so much unless its real intense. They like aerial stuff as they see this as something very hard to accomplish and utterly amazing. Doing things like Cobra Cuts and Hot Shot Cuts will get you applause but Sybils and similar things...not so much.

    Yesa some laymen like flourishing, I was doing simple triple and quadruple packet movements and one just said "thats crazy the way you move the cards", but most don't find it appealing.

    I like to see Yo-Yo tricks more since I don't see them alot and they are great but if someone is doing expert juggling techniques, that beats everything.

    P.S. Off-Topic but the 'smilies' aren't working for me, if anyone knows why help wuld be appreciated.
  7. youre going to ask this questions to magicians?
  8. i used to do all 3. Juggling is only good for the first like minute. If you can't do more than 4 balls your gonna fall out and there gonna loose interest. Yo-yo i never got good enough at but with original moves you can completely kill a croud with it. XCM is good, but you gotta back it up with some magic without your done. It's good from the varieties or moves specs love aerials but i had to go with xcm. It's da "Dog Crap" if ya catch my drift.
  9. Flourishing isn't at the moment performance art. It is done more like some sports, for own enjoyment and possibly for others who share the hobby. Juggling is defenantly most interesting of those for laymen.
  10. if you watch XB and listen to Jerry the most popular flourishes are FANS. they get the most interest and questions.

    cuts just don't fill very much visual space. learn some armspread aerial catches, some fans, and some SSS, then combine those with cuts for a better routine.

    laymen WILL like your flourishing routine, if you can do a good routine. of course they won't like it if you suck at your routine (that's not flourishings fault) or if you just do only cuts (well, some will like it, but not as many will understand whats going on)

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