Compilation of my pass

Aug 20, 2008
When I started, I learnt Turnover pass, Classic pass and Invisible pass, which is basically basic Classic pass with strange rocking motion, from Ninja dvd by Brad Christian. It was 1.5 year ago.
Then I learned Dribble Pass from Luke Jermay, and used this pass for awhile.
This January I saw Akira Fuji performing his pass on youtube. I imediately got his dvd Encyclopedia of card magic expecting he'll teach most invisible pass on planet (like his). There I learnt TCCP (Top card cover pass) and I re-learnt classic pass, the sleight which I was forgotten at that time.
I started working on pass a lot. Almost everyday I was showing my progress to my best friend and magic buddy Tadiko. Yea, I was pissing him off but he helped me a lot.
Then I saw that Akira Fuji has developed PSP (plates for speeding up pass). But they were too expensive for me, so I decided to make something like that at home.
I glued one deck of mine so I had 2 blocks, 26 cards in each. I inserted some metal plates inbetween cards, so blocks would be more heavy. And I practiced like that a lot. Sitting at my house, watching movies, Tv, talking to friends over the phone I was practicing pass.

And you see the result :)
Hope that helps.
Jul 13, 2009
The only thing that I found problematic in that video, is that the dribble pass seemed a bit too shaky. But then again I really don't like the dribble pass.
Aug 20, 2008
I actually like dribble pass, because it has motivation of doing it. You dribble to show that card is really in the middle and you 'don't do any moves' :)
Feb 1, 2009
Manchester, UK.
Most were very good, the only one I didn't like was the dribble pass. It wouldn't have bothered me if it was a slow movement but it was a quick sharp movement and just looked completely "dodgey".

Apart from that, good job.
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