complete course in magic on dvd/vod?

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  1. hey,
    i come from germany(sorry for my english, i think its enough to understand :) )and in the past i was interested mostly in card and coin magic, so i bought wilsons royal road and the trilogy and bobos modern coin magic on dvd (im a visual learner) and now you see me, now you dont book.
    the more i get involved in magic, more i will learn from every aspect of magic to find "my way".
    in germany we have the "handbuch der magie"(book of magic.german is so simple :D), in english you have the "complete course in magic" by wilson and tarbell.
    but why is there no complete course in basic magic on dvd, like simple spongeball routines, manipulation, micro magic, close up, cigarette magic and so on?
    or is there one and i cant find it?
    if u want a "complete course" you have to buy this from that teacher and that from another one.
    is there a set like this from one hand, one teacher?
    even video on demand?
    or can u tell me what to buy to get a "complete course"(like tarbell or wilson)on video?
    thanks(i dont need any card technique, but if its included i dont care)
  2. I think the closest you'll get to a comprehensive video set is Dan Harlan does Tarbell, a series of videos on Penguin Magic. I've only watched a couple of them, but the ones I have seen were all good.

    In general, though, beginners don't want comprehensive videos. There's just not a big market for it. Single tricks sell much better, with occasional sets of multiple tricks on the same DVD. Most people, when they get to the point where they want a comprehensive course, start reading books.
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  3. Thanks, i will take a look for that.
    I know and i read books about it but cant “complete“ the effects.
    When i see it, its more easy for me.
    Anyway, a palm is a palm if you do it with spongeballs, cigarettes or even balls and stuff.
    But a coin routine is different from a sponge routine.
    Its hard for me to understand that stuff in the books.

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