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    Hello, this thread is for all of you who want to quickly find a review for something, but do not want to use the search filter and sift through all posts relevant to your search. :) I'll update this thread as much as I can. Everything is listed in alphabetical order along with effect creators name (where possible -- if you know any missing names please let me know!)

    You'll note that in some cases there are alternative reviews "(Alt.)". What I've done is taken the best, most in-depth reviews, and because I couldn't decide between some, I provided you with multiple options -- How nice of me. :p

    0630 - Daren
    100 Ways to Win a Tenner - Paul Zenon
    1337 Notes - Sean Fields (Alt.)
    23:23 - Dee Christopher
    2wo Faced - David Forrest
    40 Ways to Force a Card - Gerry Griffin (Part 1 & Part 2)
    4for4 : Instant 4 Card Utility Switch (1-on-1 video) - Chris Kenner (Alt.) (Alt.)

    Absolut Vodka Deck
    ABK - Michael Paul
    Abyss Revolutionary Coin in Bottle
    Advocate - Daniel Madison
    AKiRA (1-on-1 video) - Dan and Dave Buck
    Akross - Sean Fields
    A Logical Lesson (D&D OnDemand) - Syd Segal
    All Access Backstage - Justin Miller
    Altered - Dee Christopher
    Always Remember To Floss - Dan Sperry
    AM/PM - Alex Pandrea & Jonathan Price
    Amazing Materializing Signature - John Rivav & Joseph de Leon
    Anate - Dee Christopher
    Andthensome - Dan and Dave
    Anytime Anywhere - Jay Sankey
    Arrco US Regs Playing Cards
    Art of Astonishment (DVD) - Paul Harris
    Art of Magic - Wayne Houchin
    Autograph - Justin Miller
    Avenue - Dorian Rhodell
    Aztek Levitation

    B-2 Bomber
    Backpack : 1-on-1 video - Andrei Jikh
    Ballooned - Nefesch
    Barely Chewed - Chastain Criswell
    Bebel's DVD - Bebel
    Bee Stingers Deck
    Behold the Scarabeus
    Believe - Joel Paschall (Alt.)
    BentTouchSlink - Daniel Garcia
    Beyond Deception - Tobias Beckwith
    Beyond Secrets - Jay Sankey
    Bicycle Centurions Deck (Alt.)(Alt.)
    Bicycle Guardians Deck (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Bicycle Guardians Deck 2nd Ed. (Alt.) (Alt.)(Alt.)
    Bicycle League Back Deck
    Bicycle Pro Peek Deck
    Bicycle Vintage 1800 Series Deck
    Bicycle Vintage Fan Back Deck
    Big Deal - Joshua Jay
    Bigger Finish - Jay Sankey
    Bison - Branden Wolf
    Blackjack Deal - Luke Jermay
    Black Ghost Deck
    Black Split Spades Deck
    Black Tiger Deck
    Blind (1-on-1) - Daniel Madison (Alt.)
    Blindsided - Oz Pearlman
    Blood Marking System - Daniel Madison
    Blown Away - Michael Paul
    Blueprint : 1-on-1 video - Chris Kenner
    Blue Wynn Deck
    Bluff Pass (1-on-1 video) - Wayne Houchin
    Book of Secrets - John Carney
    Born To Perform - Oz Pearlman
    Bottom Deal (1-on-1) - Jason England
    Bound - Daniel Madison
    Break In - Corrupt Reality
    Brown Wynn Deck (Alt.)
    BS Control (1-on-1 video) - Lee Asher
    Bullet - Matthew Mello & Nick Verna (Alt.)
    Burn - Daniel Madison
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    Canfuse - Eric Ross
    Card College Vol. 1 (Complete.)
    Card Fundamentals Volume 1 (1-on-1 video) - Aaron Fisher
    Card Manipulation 101 Vol. 1 - Dan Sperry
    Card Manipulation 101 Vol. 2 - Dan Sperry
    Card Stunts - Gregory Wilson
    Card Wallet
    Cardsexchange - Chris Mayhew (Alt.)
    Carneycopia - John Carney (written by Stephen Minch)
    Cartier (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - David Jade
    Casanova Concept - Steve Haynes
    Cascade Control (On Demand D&D) - Charlie Miller & Dave Buck
    Cellular Mitosis - Docc Hilford
    Centurion Deck
    ChangE - Tony Chang
    Cherry Control - Ricky Smith
    Close-Up & Personal - David Regal
    Cloud Bustin' Secrets - Devin Knight & Jerome Finely
    CoinOne - Homer Liwag
    Coinsomnia - Bill Citino
    Cointopia - Kainoa Harbottle
    Coin Under Watch - Oz Pearlman
    Cold the Telesthesia Cards - Dee Christopher
    Collateral - Daniel Madison
    Collosal Blizzard - Anthony Miller
    Colour Burn - David Forrest
    Color Deception Brass
    Color Fusion - Eric James
    Color Touch
    Completely Cold - Kenton Knepper
    Connected - Peter Harrison
    Contort - Kevin Parker
    Control - Wayne Houchin (Alt.) (Alt.) (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Cookie Cutter (1-on-1) - Dan Sperry
    Cornered - Chris Webber & Kevin Parker
    COSMOS - Greg Rostami
    Covered Backslip Force (1-on-1 video) - Aaron Fisher
    Crispes - Nefesch
    CUT - Daniel Madison

    Dan and Dave Card Clip
    Dancy Revelation (1-on-1) - Luke Dancy
    Dangerous : Volume I : Mystique - Daniel Madison
    Dangerous : Volume II : Motion - Daniel Madison
    Dark Light - Stephane Jardonnet
    Dear Mr. Fantasy - John Bannon
    DeckFive - Daniel Madison
    Deep 3 - Bro Gilbert
    Departure - Derek Roberts
    Derren Brown Lecture - International Magic
    Devil's Touch - Daniel Madison
    Devious - Geraint Clarke
    Diagonal Palm Shift (1-on-1) - Jason England
    Digital Conviction - B. Smith (Alt.)
    Digital Dissolve - BJ Bueno & Steve Dusheck (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Digital Divination - Alan Rorrison
    Diplopia - Paul Vigil
    Disintegration - Spidey and PL Bergeron
    Distortion - Wayne Houchin (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Diving Board Double - Lee Asher
    Double D's and Aces (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - Syd Segal
    Double Take - Gregory Wilson
    Downfall - Dan Hauss
    Dominatricks - Tyler Wilson
    Don't Blink - Matt Smithies
    Dream Queen
    Dresden Files, The
    Dribble Pass - Luke Jermay
    Driven - Cameron Francis

    Ei8ht T2wo - Daniel Madison (Alt.)
    El Cambio Nada (1-on-1) - Eric Jones
    Election - Eric Ross
    Electric Touch - Yigal Mesika
    Elixer of Life - Alvo Stockman
    Emerge Triumphant - Oz Pearlman
    Emotional Intelligence - Luke Jermay
    Empire Sponge Balls
    Enchanted Cube - Foolers Doolers
    Entity - Jeremy Hanrahan
    Entourage - Gordon Bean
    eXile - Mathieu Bich
    Expanded Shell - Roy Kuepper
    Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen - John Lovick
    Expert Card Technique - Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue
    Extreme Beginnerz - De'vo
    Extreme Burn - Richard Sanders
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    Factory Sealed - Nick Verna (Alt.)
    Fall - Eric Ross
    Fallen - Daniel Garcia
    Fan-2-C - R. Paul Wilson
    Fan Control - 1-on-1 video - Joel Paschall
    FedExed - Michael Paul
    FFF + Faro (1-on-1) - Homer Liwag
    Fibre Optics Extended - Richard Sanders
    FIVE - Dan and Dave
    Five Speed (1-on-1 video) - Chris Kenner (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Five Times Five Japan - Richard Kaufman
    Flicker (1-on-1) - Doug McKenzie
    Flicker - Michael Paul
    Flow - Dan Hauss
    Four (1-on-1 video) - Aaron Fisher
    FOUR - Huron Low (Alt.)
    Fraud - Daniel Garcia (Alt.)
    Freak Prediction - Michael Paul
    Freezer Burn - Chris Lafferty
    From Nothing - Kevin Parker
    Front Row Sankey - Jay Sankey (Part 1 & Part 2)
    Frozen - Adam Grace
    Fusion - Sean Fields
    Fusion (REMIX) - Sean Fields
    Full Metal Jacket - Syd Segal & JC Wagner

    Gambling Protection Series - Steve Forte
    Garden of the Strange - Caleb Strange
    Gazzo's Tossed Out Deck
    G-Force: The Anti Gravity Experience - Steve Fearson
    Ghost Deck
    Ghost Vision - Andrew Mayne
    Glitch (1-on-1) - Daniel Madison
    Graffiti - Randall Freeman
    Graphic - Matthew Mello
    Gregory Wilson in Action - Gregory Wilson Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3

    Hang 'Em 'High - Bob Sheets
    Heinstein Shuffle - Karl Hein
    HDTV (On Demand D&D) - Myles Nakouzi
    High Spots - Caleb Wiles
    Hijacked - Steve Morrison
    Hit The Road - Paul Wilson & Lee Asher
    Hoffzy Osbourne (1-on-1 video) - Dan and Dave Buck
    Holy Grail - Jordan Johnson
    How to Cheat at Everything - Simon Lovell
    How To Do Street Magic - Ellusionist
    Hyper Card Project - Tom Frame

    ICON - Paul Vigil
    Identity - Daniel Madison
    IKnow - Jason Palter
    Impervious - Christopher Williams (Alt.)
    Impossible Card Magic - Ray Kosby
    Impromptorn - David 'Dizzi' Fulde (Alt.)
    Infinity Bend - Eric Ross
    Infinity Thread By Rudy Sanchez
    inFLIGHT - Daniel Madison
    Inside the Head of Donny Orbit - David Forrest
    Instinct - Matthew Mello
    Interlace - Richard Sanders
    Invisible Reverse (1-on-1 video) - Chris Kenner
    Irreversible - Daniel Madison
    Ishkabibble Sandwich - Eric Jones
    Isolated - 'V'
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    Quantum Bender 2.0 - John T. Sheets

    Reality Check - Michael Paul
    Real Secrets of Magic Book - David Stone
    Real Secrets of Magic Vol. 1 - David Stone
    Real Secrets of Magic Vol. 2 - David Stone
    Red Wynn Deck
    Redline (1-On-1) - Dan Hauss
    Refilled - Dan Hauss
    Refined Card Magic - Ernesto
    Rehab - Cameron Francis
    Repertoire 1 - Ben Williams
    Revolution Evolution - JDen Redden
    Ringtone - Adam Grace
    Riot - Dan Hauss
    Rising Card (iPhone app) - Chris Kenner
    Roadrunner Cull - Kostya Kimlat
    Route 01 - David Forrest
    Royal Road to Card Magic
    Rub-A-Dub Deluxe - Glenn Morphew

    Sanctum - David Forrest
    Sankeys Secret Files Vol. 1 - Jay Sankey
    Sankey-tized Vol. 1
    Saw - Sean Fields
    Say What? - Alexander Vornoff (Steerpike)
    S.C.A.R.E.D - Jamie Daws
    Schwing - Chris Kenner (Alt.)
    Scotch & Soda Euro (Traditional)
    Sealed and Stuck - AndyAce (Name?)
    Search and Destroy - Aaron Fisher
    Self Tying Shoelace - Jay Noblezada
    Session: The Magic of Joel Givens by Joshua Jay (Alt.)
    Shadow Masters Deck
    Shifty (1-on-1 video) - Chris Kenner (Alt.)
    Shock F/X - Andrew Mayne
    Showoff Vol.3 - Brian Tudor
    Shudder - Dee Christopher
    Siamese Twins - Bill Goodwin
    Sick - Sean Fields
    Silver Lining 2.0 - Michael Paul
    Simple Sydney - Syd Segal
    Skullduggery - Luke Jermay
    Sleeping Queen - Dan Hauss
    Sleightly Cheatable - Aron Prins
    Sleightly Magical - Dan and Dave Buck
    Smart Ass - Bill Abbott (Alt.)
    Smoke Deck - Dan and Dave (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Smooth Operations - Kevin Ho
    Solid - Hugo Leclercq
    Something Else - Cameron Francis
    Snow Days - Justin Miller
    Split Spades - The Lions (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Spooked - Nicholas Einhorn
    Sponge - Jay Noblezada
    Spread Control - Ricky Smith
    Spread Pass (On Demand D&D) - Chad Nelson
    Spritz Switch - Lonnie Chevrie
    Sprung and Dagger - Ryan Schlutz
    Static (1-on-1 video) - Joel Paschall
    Static - David Jade & Damien Vappereau
    Stealth Pen
    Stigmata - Wayne Houchin
    Stop The Presses - Dustin Baker
    Strike Change (1-on-1 video) - Aaron Fisher
    Strong Magic - Darwin Ortiz
    Stud Playing Cards
    Submersion - Illcenter
    Sudden Deck II - David Regal
    Superman Coin Bend - Roy Keupper
    Surfaced - Chad Nelson
    Svengali Control (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - Chad Nelson
    S.W.E. Shift - Chris Kenner
    Swiss Made (1-on-1 video) - Dan and Dave Buck
    Switch3 (JM V.O.D) - Aron Prins
    Symphony - Daniel Garcia
    Syn - Dee Christopher
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    T&R Project - Huron Low
    Tagged - Richard Sanders
    Talk About Tricks (3 DVD Set) - Joshua Jay
    Tarantula - Yigal Mesika (Alt.)
    Tear Down - Andrew Mayne
    Technique - Matthew Mello
    Telling Tales - Luke Jermay
    Temptation - Gordon Bean
    The Art of Sleight of Hand - Jay Sankey
    The Cloak - Justin Miller
    The Code - Mattgic & Maxim
    The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley Vol. 1
    The Core - Pit Hartling
    The Destiny Effect - Michael Kras
    The Devil's Picturebook- Derren Brown
    The Manchurian Approach - Anthony Jacquin
    The Paper Engine - Aaron Fisher (Alt.) (Alt.)
    The Pass (JM Video-On-Demand) - Aron Prins
    The Plot Thickens - Oliver Meech
    The Preview - Lee Asher
    The Rice Papers - Homer Liwag
    The System - Dan and Dave Buck
    The Trilogy - Dan and Dave Buck (Alt.) (Disc 1.) (Disc 1. Alt)
    Thinking Out Loud - Lee Asher
    Thought of Cards Across Project
    Thread - Wayne Houchin
    THREE - Daniel Madison
    ThreeFry - Chris Kenner
    TickToids - Dan Hauss
    Tivo 2.0 (1-on-1 video) - Dan and Dave Buck
    Torn - Daniel Garcia
    Torn Too - Daniel Garcia
    Totally Out of Control - Chris Kenner
    TnR - Mathieu Bich (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Trans-Fixed - Justin Miller (Alt.)
    TresPass (1-on-1 video) - Lee Asher
    Trespassing - Domenic Carbone
    Triad (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - Bill Goodwin
    Tricks That Will Get You Paid - Gary Norsigian (Vol. 1) & (Vol. 2)
    Tricycle - Luke Dancy & Daniel Garcia
    Trifecta (1-on-1) - Homer Liwag
    Triple Shuffle (1-on-1) - Joel Paschall
    True Astonishments - Paul Harris (Recommended Link Here)
    Truffle Shuffle (On Demand D&D) - Derek DelGaudio
    Turnover Bend - Dee Christopher
    Twist3 - Michael Paul
    Twisted- Andrew Mayne
    TWO - Daniel Madison

    Ultimate Three Domino Monte
    Ultimate Transport - Mitchell Stafiej
    Ultimate Workers Vol. 1
    Ultragaff Deck
    Ultragaff DVD
    Undercover Switch (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - Kostya Kimlat
    Underground Jam - Jay Sankey (Alt.)
    Universal Impression - B. Smith (Alt.)
    Untouched - RXIllusionist
    Urban Legend - Michael Paul
    UV Nightshades - Paul Harris & Mark Allen

    Valentine - Jamie Daws
    Vanishink - Jay Sankey
    Vanity - Dee Christopher
    Venus Trap - Chris 'Orbit' Brown
    Viper Deck
    Visuantics - Jim Pace

    Warp One
    Watermark (1-on-1) - Mathieu Bich
    When Creators Collide - Jay Sankey and Richard Sanders
    White Centurions Deck
    Witness - Lee Asher (Alt.) (Alt.) (Alt.)
    Wild Marked Deck - Boris Wild
    Window - David Stone (Alt.)
    Wounded - B. Smith (Alt.)

    X-Finger - Geoff Weber
    XPell - Kevin Parker
    X-Rated Notes - Sean Fields
    Xtreme Cuts - Keone Valdez

    Yannick Chretien DVD

    Zarrow: A Lifetime of Magic - David Ben

    Hope this helps you all!!! :D

    - Sean
  7. This is great! If this stays updated, it will be a tremendous resource. Thanks so much! :D
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    Added TWO - Daniel Madison

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  10. Freakin awesome! 25 of them are mine. lol! Must have taken you forever to do that, though...
  11. WOW! Great list going already, although the link for the "Abyss CIB" is a link to Lucid Dreams and Abyss 2, maybe you should fix that...
  12. Wow, amazing job Sean_Raf that is definetely a great help for all the members here.

    You get an A+ for this list. Thank you for including my reviews in it as well :),
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    Link Changed Abyss Revolutionary Coin in Bottle

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    Moved link to correct location The Paper Engine

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