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  1. Hi guys. This is my very first post so apologies if it is in the wrong section.
    I'd consider myself to be a complete newbie. I was fascinated by magic as a child and used to do a few tricks but nothing groundbreaking.
    At the tender age of 30 I would like to learn some close up magic, card tricks etc. I'm not trying to be a professional magician or anything but would like to be able to confidently be able to perform some good tricks in public.
    I have seen that card college and royal road to card magic are good places to start. Does anyone else have any recommendations or simply some advice for someone wanting to learn? I feel like I might be too old to to learn but I'm willing to give it a go.

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  2. If you're going with card magic, that's pretty much where I'd start. The Royal Road is a great place to learn some very interesting but basic moves and tricks. If you want some more "all around" magic, I recommend Mark Wilson's complete course - it has things ranging from card tricks, to money tricks, to some rope magic and the sponge balls.

    The biggest tip I have is just to have fun with it. Take it seriously, but don't take it so seriously that you get burned out and lose interest. Magic is a ton of fun, but not when it becomes an active task to do. It should be fun, and it is.

    And you're never to old to learn.

    Let us know if you need any help!
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  3. I was in a similar situation but started a few years later in my life than you. Certainly you are not too old to get back into and perform some fun magic. Where to start can be daunting. Gabriel Z's post has a great link, also check out Vanishing Inc.'s free book download, its a collection of essays etc. from books written by magicians on the subjects of magic theory etc. If nothing else it will give you a sampling of authors to look into. I'll also second Maaz's suggestion of Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, its hard not to include a book thats like 10 bucks considering most magic books that are worthwhile are 30$-100$ and on up.

    Some simple don't need the "latest trick" most of the time. And by 'most of the time' I mean like 95% of the time and thats being generous. There are lots of tricks marketed as "amazing new method" etc. but many times its something out of a book that has some insight or personal handling added and turns out it isn't as ground breaking as promised. Be patient and do your homework if you are going to purchase something.

    Also if you can get ahold of local magic club or IBM ring and see if they have meetings you can sit in on and find some people to talk with. Hanging out with like minded people and seeing/performing some magic will help you improve leaps and bounds.
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  4. If you want to get serious you need to check out the resources named above. If you are just looking for some solid pieces of magic to perform privately, check this out
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  5. I have asked the same question recently of three professional magicians for my son who wants to learn magic. All three mentioned Mark Wilson's course. We picked it up yesterday and he has had his face buried in it since. It isn't geared toward children it is expertly geared to the beginner.
  6. You are starting in the right place. I feel I should have started there. Learn all of that material and progress into the new stuff. But the good thing about that is you will have a foundation from where everything else will sprout.

    ALSO, I don't want to hinder you if you consider yourself a card guy, but is cards your thing? Or is mindreading and mentalism your thing?

    Think about it. Is there a magician, mentalist, sideshow performer, or anything that inspires you? I say that because you could shorten your learning curve if you had an idea of what performer you want to do stuff like. Or are you completely original?

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