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  1. Here is our latest video.

    Con-Artistry - YouTube

    Come join us on facebook...Paradox52
    For any requests or questions email us at

    hope you enjoy! let us know what you think
  2. Hey man,

    I think you forgot the link.
  3. Well, besides the first one, the rest wouldn't be considered "con artist" sleights. It wasn't terrible, but work on your double lifts, especially with the effect with the four aces, make them seem more natural. Overall, not a bad video, but the title and the content didn't match up.

  4. I'm going to have to agree with Jacob, the video overall wasn't bad, but the only con-artisty type move you did was at the end, where it was like a 3-card monte. Also, I would consider getting Jason England's video on the double lift. Keep practicing, and I look forward to seeing improvements on your next video.
  5. For some of your first videos I think they were pretty good! I would be wary of how you title your videos though lol, a bit misleading regarding the lack of sleights.

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