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  1. OK. It's time to get it off your chest. ADMIT IT!! This thread is a judgement free zone confess your greatest magic sins!
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  2. I don't own Marlo's revolutionary Card Techniques.
  3. When I was younger I used to Love Jarek 1:20, and watched all his tutorials. Now, Looking back MAAAN!! I learned a lot of stuff wrong. But hey I was like 12...

    Thank goodness for Mark Wilson's Course in Magic
  4. My opening effect is a card Force reveal, in which I use

    Brace your self...

    THE HINDU SHUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!​
  5. I don't hate Rick Lax's FaceBook videos.
  6. This got to me...
  7. When I was 11, I had once performed the arm twist (the version where you clasp both ur hands), and done it so many times that everyone present there finally figured it out.
    Also, I was smart enough to do the David Blaine-style arm twist without wearing a full-sleeved t-shirt.
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  8. I watched a YouTube reveal... once.

    I really want to saw my wife in half.

    I own more books than I can read in my lifetime but I want to buy more.

    I lie to my audiences... a lot.

    I like using a change bag with a handle that looks like it came from a magic shop.

    I have boxes of magic effects that I will never perform.

    I find most card tricks boring.

    I bought a sponge ding dong trick because it was on sale.

    Most of my performance material is nearly self working.

    I have a hard time finding performance effects that aren’t developed by Jim Steinmeyer.

    I purposefully pick attractive people in the audience to assist me.

    My family says that I negatively critique every magic show I see. But I’ve seen at least two shows that I didn’t negatively critique.

    I perform magic tricks for my dog.

    I’ve performed the baffling bra trick for my in-laws.

    I own 75 3D sponge bunnies.

    I have 20 magic routines that are in the process of being developed and have been for at least two years.

  9. oh...
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  10. How true...when I leap up at the time of buying a new book ignoring the fact that I haven't finished reading the last...*sigh*
    that seems like a confession all magicians should make. But really, is it even a confession? I thought it was pretty obvious how we choose volunteers...not really because they seem to have the 'vibes' around them...
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  11. I have revealed many tricks such as card to pocket, false riffle shuffle, the cris cross force,the double left, and palming a card.
    I have used magic to cheat at cards.
    When I get mad at someone i want to tell them that I can make them disappear and not let them come back. ( OF COURSE NOT KILL THEM, JUST TO MAKE THEM THINK THAT I WANT THEM GO AWAY).
    I have told some pretty bad magic jokes.
    Most books I own are not even close to magic.
    I also manly perform card magic.
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  12. I think I am better than what I really am.... That's my greatest sin is my ego. Thanks for this thread 010Rusty...... I feel like a boulder has been taken off my chest. Sometimes I go around thinking I'm all that and a bag of chips.... When in fact I haven't even begun to scratch the surface :)
  13. I rarely enjoy watching magic performed.
  14. Oh thank you! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
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  15. I have just now decided that a group of magicians should be called a "Confession."

    Like a flock of geese. Or a herd of cows.

    Oh, the shame. How it courses through my veins! :D
  16. I've got a bunch from early high school when I was just getting back into magic (I can't remember too many atm) and quite a few from now...

    - Jarek 1:20 kinda got me back into magic.
    - I spent $180 on Vapr and never use it.
    - I also have no problem with Rick Lax's facebook "psychic" videos.
    - I'm not a huge fan of most people's performances of the linking rings
    - I like the chop cup a lot more than the cups and balls.
    - I'm sure a lot of people agree but I'd much prefer to watch an entertaining magician than one who's extremely technically skilled. I'd take an old trick with an entertaining magician than a super clean card control demonstration with a boring magician.
    - I don't have a huge issue with magic that sorta only works for the camera. I do have an issue when the company tries to sell it like it's workable or when an Instagram magician fakes their audience's reaction.
    - I have a huge amount of respect for Jeff McBride and love his material but I'm not a huge fan of his performance style.
  17. I hate cups and balls it’s just never appealed to me.

    I also dislike most rope tricks and I sometimes still watch YouTube magic for kicks.

    I went to a magic show and in my head picked apart every little detail about his show.

    I don’t understand why most of the classics still exist and prefer the new stuff

    I once tried teaching a kid at my school magic

    I have hated myself and my teaching ever since:(
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  18. When I got started on magic I learnt a lot from Evan Era
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  19. I used to love sansmind trailers and watched the same trailers a bunch of times
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  20. - I have more props than I know actual sleights or really anything. I have some books.

    - I have spent a lot of time penciling a routine with the sponge ding-dong.

    - I REALLY don’t like card magic (packet tricks are exemption). There’s a couple tricks that I find mechanically fascinating; but I tried learning Classic Pass and almost had an existential crisis.

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