Jul 22, 2016
Today I reported to YouTube a channel I had been subscribed to for copyright infringement. The channel in question posted continuously reveals of marketed effects. They didn't do this when I first subscribed.
After reporting them (I'm not sure it'll do any good) I took a hard look at myself.
When I first got into magic, I was very very lazy and pirated magic off torrent sites. I did worse than what I had just reported. So much worse.
This was years ago and have since come to understand and appreciate the time these people put into their creations.
I'm not entirely sure why I'm posting this . ..maybe for me...maybe for you all..
The laptop I used...has since been decimated by a virus and thrown out and I have ordered and paid for the same magic I too had stolen.
I apologize...
I am sorry.

Mar 2, 2016
'Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer.' ~ Gandhi
Aug 4, 2015
Yeah, I know how you feel. To be completely honest, I used to do that when I first got into magic. Obviously, I stopped about a year ago. When you first get into magic, you don't realize that it's more than a hobby or a group of guys playing with cards. It's an art form with a community of *most of the time* great guys and gals. The more you get into magic, the more respect you have for its arcane secrets and the more you realize just how much infringements can have on the magician's income.

What I mean is I feel for you. But confessing feels good and is good for you as well.
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