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  1. Hey Theory11 and all the peeps out there......i was wondering if u guys can guve me suggestions on which deck to buy......i currently got a seller that is selling the Gold Arcanes...The White Centurions...Smoke and Mirrors v1,v2 and not sure which deck to get..pls help me....thanks..
  2. those decks are a waste of money if you are not a collector. I would recommend that you just invest in regular bike or tally ho for effectiveness in your performance.
  3. a collecter.
  4. So Which You Think I Should Get?
  5. The one that you like best! When collecting, it only matters what you think is cool, not everybody else.
  6. I would go with S&M's V1, but they are really expensive now. The reason I say this is because the S&M became rare and expensive because they were/still are a popular deck. The other cards are rare because they were made to be rare. They were printed in super limited quantities. Take Jerry's for example, they used to cost a dollar in the Casino gift shop, now they cost upwards of $150. WHy, because they are popular.

    Go with the S&M's, I can only see their price going up.

  7. Thanks for your replies beanzmagic and onimushalord89....i appreciate anyone here have SnM V3??....i want to know whether its worth buying..
  8. I've got a couple of bricks of V3s. Great cards, but not the ones I'd collect from the cards you mentioned.
    Centurions, gold arcanes and V1s are the most likely to go up in price, perhaps the WC and SMV1s are the safest bet.

    personally, I'd go for SMV1.
  9. I have been looking for s&m v1,2
  10. I would just go for Gold Arcane because they are eyes candy.
  11. smoke and mirrors are the nicest cards ever made. PERIOD, they handle amazing, last forever, look classy and are just fantastic. V.1 and V.2 are my favorites, also V.4 but you didn't list those, White Cents, Arcanes are abominable.
  12. hey...i finally bought a smoke and a mirrors V3 deck at 45 USD...haha...i hope its worth the money....dont you think?
  13. not sure. V3's are much more recent and in my opinion, the worst looking of the 4 versions. I still have a pack of open V1's from when I first got them. They handle like they did day 1. Thats 2 years now. Although I never purchased V2 or 3 so i do not know the difference in feel between them all.
  14. I would say you overpaid a little for V3's, unless you got both. I got a smoke deck for less than twenty dollars
  15. Less than $20!

    You got a bargain ....if you bought them recently ...
    v.4's fetch around 20

    Good find


  16. and why is it you think that?
  17. I Got Them Both For i think its worth it?...the handling is amazing!!! :))))
  18. Dude...i totally agree with favourite cards are Smoke and mirrors although i only got the smoke and mirrors v3 and v4.....cant wait to get the v5 =)))
  19. If you are a collector then you shouldnt have to ask people what to get for your collection.

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