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  1. I'm not really sure about this effect, because it seems a little too impossible. Should i buy this, or is this an effect that involves people helping you?

    Can someone put a review in this thread and give me good information about this effect without spoiling the whole thing. If you could, Thank you!!!:D
    Also give me what you guys think and what you rate it from 1 to 10. (1 lowest 10 highest)
    Thank you!
  2. oh yeah, the review doesn't need to be long as long as you think it's good and i could buy it.^^
  3. This is an amazing effect. However, there is no stooges what so ever. It method might disappoint you though.
  4. is the dissapointment big or very small?
  5. On a scale of one to ten I would have to say a four.
  6. so no help from people or heavy gimmicks? the trick is reasonable and not much to hide right? and thanks for answering!
  7. You don't need any gimmick to be made, you don't need help from anyone. You do need a little something eles which I am sure you have that. The move is so natural that lay people won't even think of it and the cover for is much easier then a pass.

    A little side note,I would say the strongest time is when you do it some one you probably won't again or maybe some one you won't see for a long time, yes this effect would also be strong if you were to do it to a friend or family member. But from the reaction I get and the patter I use it really hits the people you won't see strongest. This is just my 2 cents don't let this make you back down from buying the effect.

    I would highly recommend you to buy this effect.
  8. can you do it to a crowd with 1 person?
  9. I don't see why not.
  10. Do you mean could the effect be done just to one person? then, yes I did it to my teacher before he left and the best part is that his wallet is never in his pocket it is always in his bag and when I did it, I walk to the front of the room and when I ask him do you have a wallet.... it was all over.


    Do you mean can you do it to one person in a crowd? then also yes.

    You might ask me about the angles and I could tell you it is angle proof for the move and the vanish, it depends on the kind of vanish you use.
  11. so the card was in his bag!!!??? woah!! thats coooool!!!! no funny moves?
  12. No funny moves whatsoever. It's an all around great effect. I highly recommend it.

  13. would you guys recommend it over dangerous mysique? because i'm choosing to get dangerous mystique or connected. which do you guys prefer?
  14. The card was in his wallet and the wallet was in the bag. There was no funny moves at all unless you count the vanish. Even though the card vanish I did ( I did a one by one piece vanish which is not on the DVD) it wasn't smooth and the final one looked real funny, once you ask do you have a wallet they don't think about the vanish anymore and goes straight to their wallet.

    With some thinking you could get the card to vanish and apper in 2 different people wallet
  15. thank you for all these facts! should i get this or mystique????
  16. I would get Connected because I view Quality over Quantity.
  17. Well you need to ask yourself, what do you want. I don't have mystique but I do have have his pdf so I know how anglezero is done and the effect is like connected, and mystique does have more effects. So you decide your pick.

    I think you already know my choice
  18. is angle zero exactly or at least almost exactly like connected?
  19. I could only tell you this anglezero is a corner to anyway and connected is 3/4 to a wallet.

    But they all can be change.
  20. I would pick connected because it truely is one of the best effects ive purchased and when yo buy it pm me for an extra idea

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