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  1. Hi guys, i just thought i would stop by and ask your opinion on Wayne Houchin's Control 2.0 DvD.

    im thinking of getting it, is it worth the buy.

  2. ye i tried that, no matches.
  3. It's very good! I got the original Control DVD but Wayne emailed me the bonus footage. It's about a 2 and a half hour DVD with Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia teaching in DETAIL how the effect is done. The DVD starts with a live performance(unless it's different in the 2.0 DVD) of Invisible Palm and then goes into Control then about an hour and a half of explaination of Control. It then teaches Daniel Garcia's effect called Stop in which the spectator can actually HEAR your heart stop! Then of course it goes to our good ol' friend Randal from the Stigmata DVD. Wanye teaches Randal control and Randal goes out in the streets with Wayne and performs Control and he gets hilarious reactions.

    The DVD itself is worth getting just for the crazy duo of Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia, they're freaking hilarious!! I also love the "bloopers" that's titled "Laugh" in the Bonus section of the DVD. Infact my sig on here is from the "Laugh" section. haha.

    I reccomend it. Control is an amazing effect, simple, easy, infact when you're practicing you'll be practicing the presentation WAAAY more than the method! haha.

    Any more questions?
  4. Heya mate, thanks very much for your reply. ye Wayne houchin and daniel garcia make a really good, and damn funny team :) cant wait to watch it :)

  5. So basically, there is really no setup or whatever need? You just need yourself?If we need something, I don't want to know what, just say that you need a little more than just yourself.
  6. There is literally no setup at all. As Daniel Garcia said, you can perform this in a nudist colony.
  7. Cool, thank you.
  8. It is one of the most clever things I've ever seen in the magic world. Now when I say that don't get your hopes up for some super amazing method, it's very simple. But that is what makes it so awesome and versatile
  9. Oh, I don't expect something superspecial since it's impromptu and you don't need anything. I have my idea on how he does it or at least what kind of "trick" it is but I'm really curious about the stop effect.
  10. You need a lot of convidence and practice to perform this.
  11. Yeah I just figured I'd throw it out there just in case. And Yeah it does take a lot of confidence to really do this even though the methodology is really simple
  12. Control is by FAR the strongest effect offered by T11. Nothing else comes close to stopping your freaking heart.
  13. Ahh, David Berglas.

    The history of the effect goes a long way back. From memory, the first modern versions of the effect to appear in print were from the early 20th Century, but dates back further. You're gonna need an old grandfather..
  14. Ah, didn't know this was that old... but he can pull a great show with his different pulses.
  15. whats the difference between control and control 2.0?
  16. Control 2.0 has everything Control had but 2.0 has a few more tips and ideas. Ideas that weren't thought up until after the original Control dvd was already released. Other than that, it's the exact same.
  17. thanks james! i have the 1st control dvd thats why. btw, you have any new reviews lately?

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