Control :: Review

I recieved my copy of Control yesterday, and thus decided to do a review.

Now, keep in mind that I am doing this now for a reason. I have NOT performed it to anybody, and when I do, obviously, this whole review could change. That being said, I am simply reviewing the trick and not my performances. This creates a cool outlook on the Control DVD & Download.

Second, I use the number system. Every section gets a ?/5. It is tallied up at the end.

Performances - 4/5

The performances were heated. Even though I was watching the DVD through a computer screen, I could still feel the tension.
However, the performances went on for an almost endless amount of time, and this isn't great.

Method :: Control - 4.5/5

I threw a sock at you, Wayne; when I heard the method. The method is so incredibly simple, this trick could have been sold for five dollars in a sweat shop. No offense, of course, but the method is so simple and easy.

Danny Garcia is simply hilarious, and the method is explained fairly well. You went over the aspects of making the performance look good, but not the actual explanation. This bugged me for a bit, but it's a minor thing.

Method :: Daniel Garcia's Stop - 3.5/5

No matter how good this effect is, it's still quite awkward. Plus, the explanation wasn't done very good. I can't blame you, but I think this section could have been spent a bit more time polishing on.

Method :: Watch Stop - 3/5

It was a big disappointment when I learned it could only be performed with an analog watch. Plus not all watches will work.

However, it is genius. But again, little time was spent revealing this. More time put into the effect could be better.

Interview :: Dexter - 4/5

I don't care much for interviews, but this one was strangely relaxing. I listened with ease. The interview was chopped up throughout the DVD, and a whole review as a bonus for the DVD. Very well done.

Randall :: Full of Awesome - 5/5

I loved this section. It was absolutely hilarious, and very entertaining. 'Nuff said.

Final Thoughts :: WH's Thoughts - 5/5

Very nice re-cap of Control. Told some key information.

Credits :: Control - 10/5

An overwhelming response of credits. Amazing. I'll never have to search for pulse-stop effects again. But I think Control, Stop, and Watch Stop are all I need. :)

Bonus :: Theory11 Section :: etc. - 5/5

Just a re-cap of and some extra footage. No easter eggs, but still phenomenal.

Final Thoughts :: My Thoughts - 5/5

One of the BEST effects I have ever learned/bought. If you want hard-core magic, this is it.

Total :: 49/50 (& possible extra 5 points... so 49/55)

Great trick! All for a very inexpensive price! Go for it!


// sky_lark OUT.
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