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  1. Seems like the most killer effect out there. is it worth getting? im new to theory 11, and dont know how it all works. but i was wondering if anyone whos got it able to tell me if this is gona be a dissapointment.....or worth every penny. it got a 4.5/5 , so thats prety damn high. please reply, thanks in advance. :cool:
  2. Its simple. If you want an impromptu pulse stop. YES!
  3. thanks to both of you very much

    and thanks for the reviews praetoritevong , how come i couldnt find it with the search button? o_O ...oh well

    and wow, i guess ill totally get it =D hopefully itll be the most awsome-ess trick ever, haha.
  4. Word of caution: this effect shouldn't be taken lightly. During one performance, I had a girl almost panicking because she thought she'd done something wrong and killed me. To this day, I think it was the worst performance I've ever done.

    Sure it was convincing and these people left insisting that I had some sort of esoteric gift from the frontiers of weird science... but they saw me in a rather frightening light now. They left with an experience I didn't want to give them.

    Be smart when you use this.
  5. Best effect at T11. Most praticle for me and I just love it. Also man you should work on ya giant fan.

  6. IMO. Its not. I think you will be disappointed.
  7. Just to give a fuller opinion, might I ask why? :)

    - Sean
  8. My friend bought the dvd and he shared it with me. Personally, it really depends on who you perform it for. You might not wanna do it to someone who gets scared easily cuz they will freak out and think they killed you. The pulse method is a little bold in my opinion and require alot of misdirection. However, it is a pretty solid buy, its just not my style, but it might be urs
  9. control is worth it and as others said powerfull if used right i think it is the 2nd best pulse stop around 2md only to luke jermys version and control is more of a scare the people so if you like scareing people and freak outt get control
  10. haha, well im more into card tricks, but this seemed pretty awsome, and to the guy above who said to work on my giant fan, i had no clue wtf a giant fan was until a week ago and cant do ANY fans at all xDDDDDDDDDDDDd dont know wut im doing wrong =/ oh well, anyone who got advice on that, please msg me? haha. and yea, im hjust gonna use ti to freak people out, and hopefully they WILL think they did something wrong and killed me ;] thats the kind of reaction i want, haha. but how does ti need alot of misdirection? by pretending ur dead? cuz if its like...holding ur breathe or something like that to stop ur pulse, i think ill be dissapointed. (ps. yes ive tried that already, haha)
  11. No, it's nothing like holding your breath but it does need misdirection. I would say this is definitely worth it. I have only ever used this effect three times because you need the right atmosphere and it needs alot of work but I would say that Control is more than definitely worth it.
  12. alright, then im totally gonna buy this, thanks everyone for replying to this thread ^~^oh yea, this is gonna be one of those tricks you REALLY need to practice?
  13. Don't buy this DVD.

    This is a serious effect. People can feel you die, kid. It's not a glorified practical joke. If all you can think about is your own masturbatory desire to "freak people out", then I don't want you within a mile of any pulse stop effects.
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    i know, haha. jeez, im not some immature kid who doesnt know what hes doing. ill know when to use it, and i know how serious the matter is, i mean feeling someone die is quite the scary/ shocking, ur feeling theyre life fade away. im not only just using this to freak someone out for fun as a practical joke or a few laughs. anyways, even if i dont perform it at all, im curious to know the method of how this is done.

    Edit: sorry for making you think taht, what i meant was, thats the REACTION im aiming for.....right?

    Edit: this trick IS safe right? like SAFE....
  15. It is safe, yes.

    I'm gonna agree with Steerpike and say that it may not be the right effect for you. The attitude that you're displaying just doesn't suit Control at all.
  16. alright, haha, i guess this really isnt the right trick for me. it does seem like a pretty serious trick. ill resepct your guyz replies and not get it. thanks tho :D
  17. XB (xtreme beginers), is all about xcm (xtreme card manipulation), and on the dvd it has a one hour fanning workshop with one of the best fanners in the world, that should help ya do some giant fans, ;)
  18. i have that, watched it, still cant do it xDDDDD

    i dont know why..maybe the lecturing got me bored and couldnt concentrate? idk. but after watching it, my fans were just as bad, i can barely do a thumb fan =S:(
  19. Xtreme Beginners is sh*t (in my opinion). It's completely dull and I'm not surprised that you couldn't learn from it.

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