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  1. I know control is going to be released here soon(hopefuly) but I was searching MJMMagic and found this :



    Imagine if you were at some place, anytime, anywhere. Someone grabs your pulse. A friend, a spectator, anyone. You ask them to find your pulse. They do so. You start to concentrate...and your pulse starts to slow down...slowly...stops. The spectator feels your pulse stopping and you can also cause it to speed up again.

    * TOTALLY impromptu!
    * No sugestion!
    * No under arm gimmicks
    * Different from any other versions
    * KILLER reactions!
    * Anytime and Anywhere

    Includes BONUS routine Pain: pinch someone's arm and they won't feel any Pain. Again with NO gimmicks

    Now i know this is different then control,where "control" is supposed to have 2 different pulses,but could this be the same method,or can have a 2 different pulse routine?

    Sorry if u dont understnd me,

  2. ohh.....
    when is this trick going to be sold on this website?
    sounds cool.
  3. tsk2x W:H control

    oh my! I saw it too. But..> Do they have the same methods of doing it? Im still waiting for W:H control and I have a few ideas about it. hehehe! But I think W:H's control is the best... Godspeed
  4. Cant find a video of the effect.
  5. the effect is out right now for $20
  6. oh really???
    where can I find that?
  7. It sucks that someone out there probably just released Control under a different name, but I'm honestly not surprised. I'm really just surprised it hadn't happened sooner. People have known about Control for a couple years now. It was only a matter of time that if Wayne sat on it long enough someone else was going to figure out the method on their own, and release it themselves. If this just happened it really sucks. If the methods are the same I hope Control comes out soon before Pulse picks up too much steam.
  8. did any one realize this, i read a long time ago from Dana Hocking that "Control" is the next T11 realse ..... & in the Hoilday contest it says something about a realse party for early Jan. 2008............Hmmm.
  9. I believe the actual quote was that Control will be the next Wayne Houchin effect that will be released.

    If fact, here it is:
  10. This does sound very similar to Control, but you never know. There's many different ways to achieve the same effect so, this may be something completely un-thought of. This is also only a booklet, so if Control is coming out after this and is around the 20-25 dollar range I believe more people would be intriguied by Control a bit more (since it'll be, hopefully, on DVD). All marketing stand-points aside, if it is the same effect then the public can decide which they like better.

    -Happy Holidays,
  11. Pulse looks quite good, I'm a bit doubtful of the Bonus effect though.

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