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    Everyone reading this right now knows at least one way to Control a Card.
    Whether it be to the top, the bottom, or a steal, you can do it.

    So, I'm asking you, what are your favorite controls?

    More specifically,

    What is your favorite TOP control?

    What is your favorite BOTTOM control?

    What is your favorite STEAL?


    Looking forward to hear your favorites.
  2. I like to use a Multiple Shift to control cards to the top of bottom, weather it be one or more cards. And the double undercut.

    For a steal I only know the side steal.
  3. Top control: Any kind of pass.
    Bottom Control: Bubble Control
    Steal: Side Clip
  4. double undercut to control to the top, usually followed with a faalse swing cut just to make things seem natural.

    Otherwise I just use a regular shuffle control.
  5. I'll now reply.

    Top: Classic Pass
    Bottom: Spread Eagle Control (Original)
    Steal: Side Steal
  6. Top: DDC (Discrepancy Dribble Control) or Dan Garcia's Ego Control
    Bottom: Just a basic overhand shuffle top card-> to bottom
    Steal- ehhh I don't know probably the Side Steal.

    I also like my middle control which lets you control a card in the middle and never lose it without any breaks or jogged cards.
  7. top - double undecut
    bottom - my variation on the Km move
    steal - middle steal
  8. I like to use the Classic Pass and the Double Undercut for a top control.

    For a bottom control I usually just Overhand Shuffle, but occasionally I use a bottom control I came up with that works pretty well.

    As far as a favorite steal I don't think I really use one, but the Side Steal would be my choice if I needed to use one.
  9. For controlling to the top, side steals, double undercuts, and overhand shuffles.
    For controlling to the bottom, probably the overhand shuffle.
    Steals, the side steal.
  10. Top - I use a few. A slip force as a control or a top change.
    Bottom - Fan control I created or a cradle grip.
    Steal - LTP
  11. Favourite Controls:
    Top: Dribble or spread pass
    Bottom:Convincing control
    Steal: longitudenal Tenkai steal or any type of action palm

    Many thanks

    Daniel Chard
  12. I use different ones depending on the effect, but i'll add to the topic.

    Top- Double undercut, shuffle

    Bottom- Godfathers all around control

    Steal- I ususally will get the card to the bottom and cop it out etc
  13. Top: Losing Control by Lee Asher (Specifically the Ackerman variation) or a Fan Jog with Dribble Control

    Bottom: Double Undercut or Spread Cull

    Steal: Gambler's Cop Steal from Bottom


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