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Dec 15, 2017
Ok i am not completely new to magic, Ive been doing it for about 2 years and practice constantly. What I like to do with my friends who I perform magic too daily is just do a control and then show them that I moved the card(s) without them noticing (thats on a good day). Things like the classic pass, and the Hermann pass and all its variations. Im just wondering what people opinions are on this


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Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
It sounds like you aren't doing tricks but showing an effect. Is there a story or reason the effect is happening? If not the audience doesn't think a presentation like that is magical but instead think of it as puzzles. Something being magic or magical excludes the performers skill as a possibility for being responsible for what they see. Either the presentation leaves them not caring how the trick was done and or the ending discombobulates them in a way that they don't think about it.

What it sounds like you are doing is part of an ambitious card routine, where the card keeps appearing on top of the deck. There is no build up (unless each time you make it more impossible than the last) and there is no release of tension here for the audience (unless you have some great story that culminates with the last rise of the card or some sort of twist at the end).

A magic trick has a similar structure as a joke where there are some things said or done that end up with a definitive punchline.

If you are doing an ambitious card routine after bringing the card to the top a few times the audience is trained to see this. To break the monotony up and have a definite ending many people have the card appear in a different location like; pocket, mouth, orange, or maybe omni deck etc. The audience knows the punchline has happened and there is a moment of release, laughter, clapping etc.
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