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  1. what do you guys think is the coolest single trick DVD and that you consider a MUST HAVE for any magician?

    Il start of by saying STIGMATA
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    Um, prophet.
  3. I reckon Kaos by Danny "Ninja Dan" Garcia from Ellusionist.
  4. It was actually created by Sean Beard only performed by Danny Garcia :).

  5. I'm going to have to say either Stigmata or Indecent.

    If I can choose something that has yet to be released, Surfaced.;)

  6. For me I like "The Asher Twist". I have had to overcome a missing finger handicap to get this one ut figured a way and I get good reactions.
  7. Ummm Stigmata or Kaos

  8. Ahem... definitely Believe.
  9. Saying an effect like Stigmata or Kaos is an effect that any magician should own in my opinion is wrong. Not everyone is into that kind of freaky/bizarre magic. For resteraunt performers, you won't have a window nearby you constantly you can do it on.

    Saying an effect that EVERYONE should own is well... none. It all depends on what kind of DVD you have.

    I do love this effect. One of my friends once told me on AIM, "Why don't you just do an Erdnase Color Change?" Something like Believe is awesome while an Erdnase Color Change is a small sleight that is fun to use in a variety of effects. Believe is just an effect that is a lot more magical. Sure you can make something like the Erdnase Color Change seem magical, but I like to use that during tricks and not as a trick on it's own. Believe is just... I don't know how to describe it really. It's really good and I love it. For 20 bucks you can't go wrong with this one. I bought the download.

  10. My favorite single effect DVD has got to be Fire In The Hole by Huron Low.

    It's just amazing.

  11. I think stigmata is my favorite.
  12. indecent is my favourite
  13. Stigmata closely followed by Silver Dream.
  14. Either Stigmata (Wayne is genuis), or the Haunted Pack... even though there isn't a single DVD for that... that I know of.
  15. yea i agree with ya FITH is amazing, but for me the best dvd is flow its just amazing i just got it now and watched it:D
  16. I know. I like Danny's version better. Sean Beard's version (which is also taught) is a bit too quick. I like the "melting through" version by Danny.
  17. I like PANIC, Witness, and Stigmata..
  18. Sinful, I tried to figure it out for months, then I watched the DVD, and it's just so cool. :)
  19. Coin One .....
  20. SConK, I recently got this and can't put it down and the DVD is hilarious (it has a singing card vanish/production routine) had me rolling on the floor.

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