Copperfield Snow Little Boy- Where Is He Now?

Was just watching Copperfield's Snow & I've always wondered about the little boy actor that DC transforms into. DC does 500 hundred shows a year, so I wondered, did he travel with 1 boy? Several? Or did he just find, or employ, a new boy once he got to each city?

& does anyone know where any of the little DCs wound up? Do some of them still work for David, or become magicians themselves? They would be in at least there twenties by now.

Maybe there is someone here who knows something about how traveling show productions/plays that involves child actors playing minor roles knows the logistics of how it works.


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Jan 25, 2013
It was years ago that I saw that preformed live but I don't believe that there was a boy on stage when I saw it, it is possible that the boy was only there on the televised version for a little extra drama.
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