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    Company - SM Productionz
    Artist - G
    Run Time - 1Hr 28 Min

    DVD 1

    Deck Production
    Fire Production
    Impromptu Straw Split
    Accessory Flight
    Shuriken & Machanic Top Shot
    Visual Drop Change
    Impromptu Haunted Card
    Casual Flick Change
    Band Zone
    Utility Move - Reverse/Change
    Impromptu Signed Coin Through Case
    Retention Card Control
    Easy coin Miracle
    Psychic Unlock (bonus)

    DVD 2

    Impromptu Toss Transformation
    Click Link
    G Force
    Borrowed & Link
    Impromptu Folding Chip
    Quick Fix
    Propless Penetration
    Rotation Pass
    Muscular Vanish/Change
    Visual Cut Change
    Psychic Pop
    Instant Matrix
    Pearl Change (bopnus)
    CGI (bonus)

    So you get 32 effects for $60.
    If you've read other reviews on this, they were probably saying it was terrible.
    I have mixed feelings on it.
    Some tricks were good and some weren't good.
    I don't hate it like most do.
    However, some of the effects seem like G thought of them and threw them on there haphazardly.
    Without further ado, I will review all 32 effects. (Not gonna enjoy this)

    Deck Production - I gotta admit, this was cool. He holds a piece of flash paper in his hand. It ignites with seemingly no way of lighting. When it ignites, there is a deck in his hand. I really liked this trick.

    Fire Production - Similar to the DP, but a little different. You light a piece of FP with a lighter, you throw the FP and the lighter disappears. Good trick.

    Impromptu Straw Split - Borrow a straw. Split it in two. Not bad. Not my favorite but not bad.

    Accessory Flight - Not a fan. You take your earring off. Set it in your palm. Wave your hand over it. It changes into a ring. The earring is back on your ear. I like the change on the palm. That was nice.

    Shuriken and Mechanic Top Shot - This is Lennart Greens Topshot. 100%. G needed to do more research.

    Visual Drop Change - I don't even remember what this was, so it wasn't too good.

    Impromptu Haunted Cards - While it fooled the **** out of me, it is very very angley. I recommend Justin Millers Torment over this. Thinking about the two now, they are very similar but JM's is better.

    Casual Flick Change - My favorite out of the two disc set. You set a penny on the table. You have your other hand hovering above the table. You flick the penny underneath it and when it comes out the other side it changes to a ring. This was very cool.

    Receipt - Very neat concept. I don't know if this works in America though. It will in Canada though.

    Band Zone - David Penn and Craig Petty said this was taken from someone else. I liked it though.

    Utility Move/Reverse - Mixed feelings about this. It's a card move. Not a fan.

    Impromptu Signed Coin Thru Case - Loved it. You throw a signed coin thru a card box.

    Retention Card Control - Again, not a fan.

    Budda - This was ok. A new version of ring on rubberband...without either of those. You have a beaded bracelet. You break a bead off and put it back on.

    Psychic Unlock - You wave your hands over someones locked phone and it unlocks. This was a bonus and not taught on the DVD.

    Disc 2

    Toss Transformation - Just rewatched this as I couldn't remember what it was. What it was was ****ing cool. You toss a coin in the air and when it hits your hand it changes into a ring.

    Click Link - This pissed me off so bad. I'd been doing this for years. You hold a paperclip between your fingers. You touch it to a safety pin. They "link" and you can display them as such. You put them in your hand, and they unlink. Sounds cool. But you need a little something extra (a $30-$40 extra) to do this. I don't think this is his trick either.

    G Force - Looks cool. Impromptu haunted deck like Vector. However, G Force IS VERY ANGLE SENSITIVE. Go with Vector by Patrick Kun.

    Quick Fix - A very odd version of a TNR. You can't do this signed. Well, you MIGHT be able to, but I wouldn't.

    Propless Penetration - Will be doing this. Maybe in my show. It's badass. You show a bag of playing cards, business cards, what ever. You then pull one out without palming anything. This fooled me bad. No gimmicks.

    Jumper - Just no. The first part is not good. The second part is very cool though. You produce a cell phone. In a split second it appears in the other hand. That second bit does look crazy.

    Rotation Pass - Reminded me of Midnight Shift but it is different.

    Muscular Vanish/Change - My first thought upon seeing G's muscle pass: "My God. That is crazy." He is easily as good with coins as Ponta. No joke. This guy can muscle pass with a penny. A PENNY.

    Egg Yo - G should be awarded with a trophy for Most Innovative and Absurd Effect ever for this. You show a toy egg yolk. You visibly pull the yolk out of it, and put it back in. I have never seen a trick done with a toy egg yolk.

    Visual Cut Change - My reaction to this : "What the **** just happened?!" He spins a coin on the table. Picks up a knife, hits it, the coin splits in two and the halves change into smaller denominations. Very clever. I wish I was better with coins so I could do this.

    Psychic Pop - From what I saw, you penetrate a coin thru a balloon. You have a spectator hold the blown up balloon. You place your hands around it and it pops. Really cool principle. You need that $30-$40 extra that I mentioned earlier for this. Also, people in the US are kinda screwed if you want to do this.

    Instant Matrix - I've waited so long to see how this worked. It was awesome. I've now found the only matrix I'll ever do. Borrow 4 different coins and perform one of the fastest matrix effects out there with no shells or cards or PK rings.

    Pearl Change - You have a beaded bracelet with a loose bead in the middle of it resting on your palm. If I remember correctly you toss it up and it changes to a coin.

    CGI - I was wrong. I came back and edited this after watching the bonus section on SMP. This is not Glitch by B.Smith. It is different.

    So there you are. Trick by trick. You know what's good and what's bad. There were some really neat things on the DVDs and some effects that tanked.

    I did actually enjoy watching the DVD set and when G comes out with anything else, I'll pick it up as well. He hasn't disappointed me so far.

    His other releases are very good: Imagine and V2F 2.0. I highly recommend both of those as well.

    Do I think Corner Project was worth $60? No. Maybe around $35-$40. Would I recommend it? Yes I would, but only for people that like off the cuff magic. This is like Bending the Real by JS, but a lot better. The tricks aren't stand alone tricks. I think what G was going for was to give you the very basic concepts of the tricks and for you to expand on them from there. I do wish G had researched a few tricks a bit more and put credits on the DVD.

    Not a bad job G. Again, SansMinds Productionz has satisfied me once more.

  2. Thank you J.Slade (oh wait, you're JD now...)! I just might pick this up now. Could you rate each effect on a scale of 1-10, just so I have a better idea of how good the effects are. By the way, at least half of the effects on Bending the Real I've found in children's books. Some of them weren't bad, but I was disappointed that I knew of half of them. Anyway, thanks for reviewing :)
  3. I will rate them when I have time. Basically, these tricks to say it..different to say the least. They won't be for everyone. I really like some of them.
  4. I will probably rate it 7/10. Some effects I really liked was Pearl Change, Jumper , Toss Transformation, Fire Production, Deck Production. I liked the accessory flight too, but im not wearing earings so too bad

    The effects which I think was crap was Egg Yo, Click Link(really rubbish) , Impromptu Straw Split

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