Could A Female Magician Get On AGT

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  2. Personally I'd have thought a female magician would get further as girls in magic are different and unique,something that kind of show is looking for. Maybe it was just her act wasn't very good?

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    I don't imagine we've seen many females doing magic on AGT due to the small number of performing female magicians to choose from. I think any girl with a fairly attractive costume, who has a good stage presence, an interesting act that can execute in under 90 seconds with enough WOW factor then there's no reason why she shouldn't make it on the show.
  4. Get on the show? Sure.. But actually manage to anything besides hear Simon say "Dreadful" in a posh accent.. Not likely.
  5. Have more faith in the girls! I've seen some talented girls doing really good magic. Granted, Simon is rather harsh, or should I say blunt and honest, but it is possible to impress him and I think girls might have an advantage.
  6. Doesn't matter when it comes to America's Got Talent. They'd still get booted off the show because the producers pretty much hate magicians.
  7. Maybe a little less simple than that.

    As far as Bambi Van Burch goes, I think she didn't get on because her style of stage magic, from what I've seen, feel exactly like 90% of the rest of the stage magic I've seen, that remains aesthetically indistinguishable from "the world's greatest magic" of the early 90's (down to the same stock arm motions). Most real lay audiences don't feel wonder from it, unless they are there live.

    I think a female magician with her own style, aside from doing "more feminine versions" of other tricks, would be able to succeed on network television, if she was as stronger performer and presence as her non-magical competitor's, because magician's have been week on AGT on their own for the same reasons that I mention in regards to VanBurch.
  8. Sadly, they go "further" for the wrong reasons. There's a well known Vegas female performer that simply stinks. . . she flashes practically everything though she's literally been coached by some of the top skilled people out there. Her "success" comes by pandering to dirty old men that want to see her Ts & A and hold fantasies about other kinds of trix.

    Angela whatsherface from the show PHENOMENON did not advance up the ranks because of talent but because she used her sexuality and sensuality to manipulate two horn-dogs on the panel . . . and it was obvious there, as it has been with AGT, that certain male judges are drooling after such acts and so they are passed ahead . . . for the wrong reasons.

    I think it is far more difficult for women, as a whole, to make it in the show biz world without becoming a parody and ultimately garnering the public idea of being a SLUT simply because it's easier to climb the ladder by way of T&A vs. legit talent. Problem is, we all age and when a young lady breaks that 35 year mark (earlier if she can't maintain her looks) her ability to use that same sexual sense of manipulation wanes. Granted, Rachael Welch still looks awesome for a grandmother as does Ann Margaret, they are exceptional women and thankfully, there are ways to preserve such assets though they seem more effective on some over others.

    I've only seen one female performer in the past 30 some years that didn't use her physical charms and honestly EARNED respect in the industry because she is legitimately talented, Princess Tenko. I've not kept up on this focus, paying attention only to those that are brought to my attention. . . and yes, before it's brought up, there is a truth about males using their looks to move up the ladder as well. The difference is, we aren't known to show off 75-95% of our body in public as part of said process. But yes, the casting couch is open to either gender and is still in popular use in all facets of show biz.

    AGT is a rigged contest however; if an established and proven (seasoned) female act could step up to the plate and be willing to play the game the producers of the show want played, she'll have a chance. But she has to play on her talent NOT her ASSets.
  9. Good point. They've been kind to a few, but no magician (and if I'm not mistaken, no juggler) has won the show.
  10. I'll go ahead and call out the elephant here. You mean Scarlett the Princess (didn't it used to be Mistress???) of Magic right? I believe the entire reason why she's even in the business is because she got some sugar daddy with deep pockets, and a mid-life crises to pony up the bill to make her into a show. I think her background was in dancing before she tried to pull rabbits out of hats.

  11. Nope. . . wrong one. . . this one is of my age group and blond. Her mommy married well. . . several times! Said bimbo even married one of the industry's better known FISM winners.
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  13. What on earth are you saying!? The Culture Club and to an extent Boy George are classics of the 1980's! Karma Chameleon is a great song!
  14. No surprise. I don`t know the show, but all these shows are pretty much the same commercial ****.
    They are produced to make money. And you can market a singer or musician much much better than any magician, juggler etc.
    First and foremost, the reason why most of the winners in these shows worldwide are singers and/or musicians is....
    Maybe they`ll let someone else win sometimes to keep the show more interesting.
    But after all their thinking is financial motivated.
  15. Well as far as entertainers go Magicians are fairly close to the bottom of the list. I believe the order of respectability for acts goes something like this: Actors, Singers/musicians, Comedians, Jugglers, Magicians, and Mimes.

    Mark my words... No magician will ever win AGT. If Dan Sperry, Murray, Kevin James, to name a few can't do it then no one will.

  16. AMEN! We loved George back in the day . . . he and Cindy Lauper were huge!

    The "Karma Chameleon" idea however is something that's been around for thousands of years,Ashely. Before the ladder climbing ladies of yore we had the fathers who, in biblical times and still, in certain parts of the world, used their female children as a way to cement economic and political advantage. There is a far longer history of people getting married for the sake of advantage than love, it's just that so many in today's world are in love with the idea of being in love and it blinds them to said realities, let alone the how & why people do it.

    Like you, I refused to live my life in such a way, but the fact is such fairy tale lives are rarer than rare even though we may be allowed to know a fleeting season of such.
  17. That pretty much sums it up. I haven`t seen Sperry or Murray, but I´ve seen Kevin James (I think he is one of the most creative magicians). If he doesn`t stand a chance to win, no magician will ever win this show.
  18. AGT doesn't like magicians because AGT is in the business of creating a new big seller act. Magicians can't hold that these days. Also, all the acts mentioned are basically the same with different paint jobs. Of course they didn't win, they don't offer anything that hasn't been seen in some form for the last thirty years.
  19. Sorry, but you really can't say that about Kevin James, I've known the man for over 30 years and know for fact that most everything he does is original or at minimum, his heavily modified version of a classic. Maury, as far as I'm concerned, is a joke and always has been. Dan Sperry. . . let's just say that 99% of agents will see him as being another Criss Angel copy cat vs. the Alice Cooperesque clone I think he actually wishes to be seen as . . . he's just a bit too late to the party and yes, most everything he does comes straight off the magic shop shelf . . . then again, Banachek has been having problems getting booked because every kid out there is doing his stuff (seen that before when I was doing big boxes, it happens when you publish too early in the game).

    I think a magician could win AGT so long as he's willing to play their game and that's the real rub; the pay off isn't as grand as they make it sound, there's a ton of artist control that goes on after the contest and that's why you see people walking away. You'll also find that some acts are actually hired by the producers to come in and do X number of shows just so there's some decent stuff in the Tv aspect of the show. . . C'mon, look at some of the acts they get, far too many are obvious set-up filler gags while other acts reveal sophisticated tightness. The real problem for magicians & mentalists alike, is that you have 90 seconds; to do justice to a legit sequence that's simply not enough time; too much rushing and too many opportunities for risk/accident.
  20. Exactly! And that's where most magicians are going to run into problems on the show with. 90 seconds will only work well with either a production or a manipulation routine. If you look at the magicians who did stick around on that show for a minute or two and weren't paid to be there, such as Rudy Coby and those other two internet people (probably) were, then all you're going to see is box jumping and dove pulls. Maybe a card or billiards manip.

    Most sophisticated mentalism acts require a hell of a lot more time to pull off than 90 seconds. Most of that time being spent in the set up. Mental Epic, Q&A's, and Dead or Alives being just a few off the top of my head that I know takes time.

    Even a lot of good close up magic or parlor magic takes some set up.

    They'll always put us up there, but we'll never win it.

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