Could you guys give me opinion on this card control ?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Aleksa Tamburkovski, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Looks like a cover pass to me. Which is to say, it looks effective but I'm betting there's essentially the same thing already in print.

    Though I do wonder why, if you say "angle proof" you're constantly changing the angle you do it at?
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  2. Hey, thanks for your reply!
    It is similar to cover pass tho the method is if i could say opposite of the cover pass ( or any classic pass ) in handling.
    It is angleproof but the view that i recorded isnt typical point of view that spectator would have but i couldnt get camera any higher so i had to move a little bit. For a standing person there is nothing to be seen or caught while performing this
  3. Looks fine to me. Looks like a modified dribble pass. If your question is “if it is original or not?” I would have to see what you are doing. If your question is “does it look good?” Then id day yeah it looks great. If it works for you in performance then keep doing it.
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  4. Looks cool!
    Looks like a dribble pass, or a cover pass,
    However, if you say the actual mechanics are "reverse" it might be a Herrmann pass variation.
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  5. It's closer to a classic in terms of how the packets move.

    I think it's fine if it works for you. I don't like how your right hand comes to the left hand to coalesce the packets, just for you to pick back up the top half and dribble back on top. I know it's necessary for the move, but to me it's awkward.
  6. Thank you for taking time to watch
    I am still working on this, once i perfect it it should look like continuos flow of me just picking up the entire deck back and dribling it. The method is similar to classic pass but for me its a little bit better because the contact of the 2 packets barely exists in spectators eyes and there isnt that packet flash below the hands once performed. Thanks for your opinion!

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