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  1. that one tab the never functioned, what was it called? like academy or something?
  2. Yes it was called Academy...I do have suspicions that the timer is for the release of the academy... Dan and Dave said on their twitter that they were spending the weekend putting the final touches on a project.
    But hopefully they'll release a VB v3. ;)
  3. Countdowns send expectations skyrocketing. Countdowns that replace entire websites send expectations off the planet.

    Countdowns that deliver can increase value exponentially. Countdowns that fail to deliver can damage image irreparably.

    I most sincerely hope Dan and Dave deliver.
  4. Dan and Dave announced not long ago that they are changing their forums (and clearly website) as it's not being used in the way that they want it to be. Sure, it my be the release of the academy as well but I think the site will get a facelift to fit the image they want.
  5. Is there any way to access purchased on-demand videos? I needed to rewatch C3 and now I'm afraid I won't be able to for over half of a week...
  6. Try sending them a tweet or email (if you remember the customer service address), they may be able to give you a direct link to your on-demand.
  7. Speaking of D&D. Anyone know why their Youtube channel has been closed? :(
  8. If you type in , the site will still work, but you can't access anything but the news and academy
  9. Damn this is huge news
    Variety box v3 more than likely will be released... But how much will it cost??
  10. I pretty sure they are preforming maintenance, but knowing Dan & Dave it is gonna be epic...probably.
  11. It will be epic... Trust me... It will :)

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