Counterfeit Hollingworth by Wayne Houchin

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  1. I just received my "Conterfeit Hollingworth" by Wayne Houchin. I bought it sight unseen based on Wayne's previous work and his reputation. I am not disappointed. Fantastic! Here is a simple, but elegant performance. Wayne is not only one of my favorite performing magicians, but an excellent teacher. His explanations are well thought out, well filmed, and his performance tips are always valuable. I am looking forward to putting in the practice time, and adding this killer trick. Great job again, Wayne!
  2. I do love Counterfeit Hollingworth. It's an amazing effect. I got the dvd when I went to his lecture.
  3. I want this lecture DVD soooo bad!! does anyone know where i can get it?
  4. Well last week Wayne was selling them on his website. I think they're sold out now.
  5. Take this review down now. :p *Shows off his Badge of undergroundednesscity* Keep moving folks, nothing to see here.
  6. Got mine in the post here in Wales in the UK today.

    Watched it 3 times all ready. First impression are; From the first viewing, you can instantly see, not only how natural, convincing and fair this looks but from our point of view, you can see straight away the sheer practicality of it.

    As for the routine, if anyone here does any other TnR's, such as Garcias Torn, then you will deffinatly be able to remember the full sequence to the routine. I've watched it 3 times and already I know the full routine, including all the nuances. Everything follows on in a fairly easy to remember progressive order, so it's easy to go through the motions.

    The ease of this is one of the best aspects for me; No palming of extra pieces as your restoring the card. Angles (for the most part) are 360, aside for one or two moments which is nothing!

    The 3rd piece is the most beautiful, organic and fair restoration I've ever seen. At first, before watching it for the first time, when it got to the 3rd piece, I thought I knew what was going to happen, NOPE, totally caught me off guard. And then I realized I had to close my mouth. This is wicked. It looks, dare I say, perfect. And I know that's a pretty bold statement.

    The final piece. Now Wayne does something here, which I'm not going to go into any detail with, but as he was saying "Now for the fourth piece, it has two edges, so I'm going to ..." and I made an assumption before he'd even done the restoration. So I watched with bated breath... and as he restored it and showed the card restored, I almost wanted to give a standing ovation but at the same time slap my self in the forehead, saying "D'oh! why didn't I think of this!" It's a really practical, working and most of all CONVINCING ending. Of course, leaving them with an impossible souvenir and truly restored card that they can keep forever.

    Overall, this is worth it's weight in gold. I don't like saying the word "Best" because nothing can really be "Best" at anything, if you get me. But, right now, this is my personal favorite TnR to date!

    Bravo Wayne for tackling such a demon of a plot and coming up trumps!



    P.s. I don't care about production quality of any DVD as long as I can see and learn the effect off of it, but as always, production value from Wayne, is stellar.
  7. This is really great. Seeing it live at Wayne's lecture was wonderful.
  8. I just got mine in the mail today...I was completely speechless for a while after viewing it. A TnR that is every bit as pretty to watch as Mathieu Bich's and a million times more practical. LBarns mini review pretty much hit it on the head. If anyone has a chance to go to Wayne's lecture and get this then do so!
  9. Totally agree with you. I've said it before... as far as I am concerned this is THE torn and restored card.
  10. I am waiting for Mr. Houchin to pop his head in here and tell us that he will give those unfortunate, but loyal fans of his, another chance to purchase Counterfeit Hollingworth (hint hint Wayne!) PM me if you have any more copies for sale :)
  11. No more copies. No more reviews. Never mention this effect again. Forget you've ever heard of this.

    Keep it underground. We don't need the YouTube twits exposing this beautiful piece of magic.

    Wait, what beautiful piece of magic? Go on your way, this is not the magic you are looking for.
  12. i just ordered mine two days ago cant wait for it to get here. i was wondering if any one can tell me if there is any thing else on the dvd besides the tnr
  13. Ordered mine just now, with the AOM. can't wait!!
  14. Hey Wayne Will you be having any lectures in Georgia coming up if so will you tell me and give me the dates?
  15. I do love the 3rd piece restoration too, However, for anyone that has seen this, the last piece restore is a bit easy to figure out, I am trying to think of a better way. Or am I being too fussy and thinking with a magicians head, and lame people won't see it coming?
  16. I just got mine the other day. I must say I love what I see and am excited but, I am going to be a tad nervous performing the one part that he mentions in the DVD. Does it really fly by most spectators when asking for the lighter?
  17. Exactly what I said in my post above yours. But I have come up with my own method for the last part, which hopefully is less obvious.
  18. Hello Rick!

    To answer your question: yes, yes it absolutely does. Crossing The Gaze is very deceptive by itself and it fits beautifully within the construction of the routine. Consider this: It is obvious to your audience that there is only a single card in use. The same card that is being torn is the same one that is being pieced back together. Your hands are repeatedly shown empty - because they ARE empty. You aren't hiding any extra pieces or cards. The open handling builds trust throughout the routine.

    When you tell your audience that you need a lighter to finish the effect, they genuinely want to help find a lighter because they genuinely want to see the end of the trick. Practice Crossing The Gaze and I guarantee you will have a much easier time accomplishing it than you may initially think. In fact, you will often have to wait for the attention to come back to you before continuing with the effect.

    Crossing The Gaze is not the only method I have used for the finale - but it is the best.

  19. i don't use the crossing the gaze technique, if you want to know Wayne Pm me

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