Country Clubs

Oct 14, 2007
Burbank, CA
I noticed that I am surrounded by country clubs. Does anyone have experience getting work at these and if so what have you found to be a tried and true method? Or do you just show up and wing it? I thought these could be great places to meet clients as well as a nice environment to perform.


forum moderator / t11
Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
Country clubs are nice. I've worked a few before. You need to get in good with the event planner / organizer so that he or she will consider you for multiple events and or wedding receptions for clients.
Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
It is well advised that you follow certain protocol when working this kind of environment, the major rule being to do your best to dress at least 10% better than the people you are working for; tailored suits are A-1 important, be well kempt and if possible, manicured. Know how to speak intelligently and clearly vs. being too loud or to soft of voice and too, you want to speak as if you are educated -- have a bit of pride when it comes to vocabulary and communication skills.

This may seem a big bother but it's one of the major rules for success; when it comes to the Country Club world you are mingling with local shakers & movers a.k.a. CONNECTIONS -- the kind of people that can and will (if they like you) open doors to other opportunities. If you can play by their rules and present yourself in a way that suggests confidence, quality & value this market will take you a very long way.
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