CPR change by Lloyd Barnes.

Jul 19, 2009
The CPR change by Lloyd Barnes

"CPR Change is a visual, silent and open colour change that happens under the cover of a one handed shake".

"Based on the look of the Clipshift, the CPR Change is medium skill level and requires no heavy knuckle busting movements. Also, the bottom card never changes."

When i recieved the CPR change from Lloyd and watched how it was done, i thought to myself "i am never using the clipshift ever again!" this change is much easier to master and the method is defintley very unique.

Lloyd goes into alot of detail on how the change works and fine details to make the change look absolutley flawless. He teaches the grip, how to execute the change and a couple of applications the CPR change is capable of doing. 10/10

Now thw method for CPR is COMPLETLEY different to the clipshift. The method is very unique and uses a special "CPR grip" which Lloyd teaches (obviously) and is not very hard to do. The change will take practice though. But it is worth practicing. 9/10

As Lloyd states in the descrpition, it is a medium skill level change. As i said before it will take practice but it is something worth practicing. 6/10

The video quality is not the greatest but i dont think it matters cause your learning how to do the change, not fuss about if the video is in HD or not. 4/10

This change is very visual and practical. It will take some practice but in then end it will be worth it. It is much easier to master than the clipshift and is something that you will use in your set.

http://www.disturbreality.com/Disturb Reality/Pages/CPR.html

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Jul 19, 2009
its almost completley angle proof. the only angle restricton is to the left of the spectator. hope that helps

This is why I was hoping he would have chosen the people to review. No offense to you molawin, but how long have you had this now?

Any real world performances? Does it play well for most specs? These are the real questions that help sell the product.

Hey mate,

I will address your issues.

I have performed it over the last year for real world and paid performances.
Although before you take my word as law, I have a sleight (pun) bias towards Lloyd as he is a good friend, and a slight bias towards the CPR change cause I too co-founded DisturbReality. So I will be honest.

It most definitely plays well because it's so visual, but there are some angle issues to your immediate left, but simple audience management can solve that problem. Otherwise the angles around your hand, from directly infront, to all around the right are perfect.
I don't know how determined you are. Whether you are a good magician with well executed everything, so I can't really comment on how it will help you.

I honestly prefer to use it as a table'd control, get them to shuffle the deck and cut and i'm where I want to be. (This method is taught as a bonus in the download).

It's visual, it's easy... and it's something to treat yourself to over the holidays.
If you like the look of the preview video, then you could take a chance on a cheap £3.50 download, that is packed with value for money.

Your choice bro..... I mean lets face it, you are your own person, and eveyone is different. I don't read reviews before I buy a product. If I like the look of it, and someone I know said it is worth the price. I will buy it.

Merry Christmas Everybody,

Sep 1, 2007
Porthcawl, Wales.
Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas so far,

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