Crazy Man's Handcuffs

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  1. Anyone have any exposure-free advice on this trick?

  2. -Do you own this effect and want to know how to present it or something?
    -Do you want some suggestion,because you're interested in this effect?
  3. My advice is learn it and do it well because it is one of the best tricks ever
  4. My advise is to buy "BentTouchSlink"
    You get Crazy Man's Handcuffs + Danny's own tips to do it.


    P.S.: Exposure sucks!
  5. ehhhhh, no offense to anyone, but i think benttouchslink is a total waste of money.

    get Link! by Nabil Murday instead, it will definitely be more worth it. :D
  6. Lol do you own this trick.
  7. if you like that, Get Missing link in the 1 on 1 section!
  8. JdenRedden:

    Haha your product looks interesting. If you want to push it here, I'd love to hear more.

    V.: I learned this effect from one of Jay Sankey's free online beginner magic videos. And I was just wondering if anyone had any pointers on the timing/ handling/ presentation.

    Chicken Man: I agree. But how?

    Jot@PS: I agree, exposure does suck. But the Crazy Man's Handcuffs (correct me if I'm wrong) is pretty much a very old classic trick that no one has exclusive rights too. I learned it from one of Jay Sankey's free online beginner magic videos.

    Echoedecho: Why do you think that? I was not really considering buying it but if you have an opinion, I'd like to hear it. Link looks good.

    Infected: But the Crazy Man's Handcuffs (correct me if I'm wrong) is pretty much a very old classic trick that no one has exclusive rights too. I learned it from one of Jay Sankey's free online beginner magic videos.

    Z-Magic: Are there any limitations on the size of rubber bands for missing link?
  9. hey I looked for that video but I couldnt find it, could you send me a link please?

  10. Technically No. But It Is So Much Eaiser And Visual If You Have A Big And Small Rubber Band. I Have Performed It With 2 Small Ones Though, So It's Possible.
  11. I liked BentTouchSlink, but it depends a lot what kind of magician you're. I'm don't do a lot of coin magic, but soon I will try to use Touch in the moments of "can you do something with this?", but it's more kind of a bonus; Slink is a good combination with Crazy Man's Handcuffs and very visual, I will try to use it; Bent isn't bad but is a litlle bit unpratical and is maybe the only trick I will don't use, I maybe use the moves and ideas on it.
    For me is a "lesson of magic life" tipe DVD and you have hole of the reason in the wold to don't like it; Danny could take that effects and make some 1-on-1's :D (just one idea;))

  12. Pick up an old Dan Harlan DVD.

    Crazy Man's Handcuffs, with like 30 handlings and other effects possible; melting only one part of the band through, in the spectators hands, vanishing one elastic ABSOLUTELY CLEAN, no ditches or anything, even fools magicians.

    Great DVDs!
  13. Didnt Micheal Ammar create the 'Crazy Mans Handcuffs'?

  14. I believe so. I will ask Micheal when I see him next weekend.

    Crazy Man's Handcuffs is, obviously, one of my all time favorite effects. In my opinion it is just the pinnacle of pure sleight of hand.

    As for good places to learn it. I personally learned it from several different resources including Jay Sankey's "Easy Magic/Mentalism" DVD that I purchased when I was very new to the art and got a refresher course from DG's BentTouchSlink download which is, in my opinion, worth it simply for the idea of the in the hands CMH handling.

    In any event, the best way to perfect this effect is to do it constantly. I always have at least 2 rubber bands on my wrist and am, even today, practicing CMH whenever I get the chance (watching tv, riding in the car, etc.). Getting absolutely comfortable with the sleight is the key. Commit the sleight to muscle memory, imbed it in your brain, whatever you can do and just practice.

  15. have them hold onto one of the bands and do the rest one handed, also adding paul harris's SLR takes the trick to a whole other demension
  16. Thats what I was lolling about. Its one of the first tricks i learned. A fellow magician thought me the trick and thats the way he had learn't the trick to.
  17. blahblah: I think he took the video down. I can't find it anymore, it used to be on youtube and his site.

    Z-Magic: Interesting. I might get this but I'm thinking more toward the Dan Harlan DVDs that RuebenGazertheAmazer recommended.

    Jot@PS: Daniel Garcia 1on1s!! haha Those would be interesting.

    ReubenGazertheAmazer: Which one? I was interested in Bandshark awhile ago. But I was thinking about just getting the Michael Ammar book for some rubber band stuff and extras.

    JDENredden: I'm not sure. FYI its MICH AE L not MICH EA L. That's my first name too.

    Cliff Bumgardner: That's cool you know Michael. I'm trying to get it so I pull down for as long as I pull to the decide to establish some rhythm. Is there anyway to tell when you've got the move down/ any covers for it?

    ColonelX1: I've seen that done before. I'll try it. Thanks

    Infected: Ok cool. Any tips on it though?

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