Crazy Man's Handcuffs

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  1. I hear I can learn crazy mans handcuffs from Tarbell, but I'm not sure what lesson it would be. Can anyone tell me where to find it in the Tarbell course?
  2. Oh my, I don't suppose you could've given us a slightly, well, lesser tome to thumb through?

    I had a quick look at an index and it appears that Lesson 11 has a number of rubber band tricks, so have a look there.
  3. I think it's also in a Dan Harlan DVD and possibly another DVD as well that I can't remember.
  4. The effect was created by Arthur Setterington and later refined by Herb Zarrow. Since then people like Dan Harlan have made other additions and routines using rubber bands.

    I believe Penguin has an instant download to learn this with a few other routines taught with the download for about $7 if you are more of a visual learner who likes video instead of text and pics.
  5. He taught me mine! Haha, when raverhart showed me at this restaurant in Ohio. Rubberband magic is fun with kids. The Crazy Man Hand Cuffs is pretty easy to learn.

  6. Nice...Alex. Glad you could put that plug in for me....ha ha. Hope you have been working on some of those moves we went over. You probably forgot them by now.

    And...Rubberband magic is not just for kids. I use them in my close up show for adults and wedding receptions all of the time. People love them. Especially when you put together a good set with 3-4 effects with them.
  7. Magician, Timothy Laws has a new version of the CMH in his new release, where you can view it on the my signature
  8. I always thought it was Michael Ammar. Or did he just make some improvements on it?

    There's also that DVD devoted to the CMH called "Link."
  9. I believe it is in Tarbell Volume 1.

    Also, Micheal Ammar has it in his book, and it is by far the best explanation. He goes into saying how the one in Tarbell wasn't taught right or something.

    Anyway, my recommendation is to buy "The Magic of Micheal Ammar" and learn it from there, along with a ton of strong material and essays on the business side of magic.

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