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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Clay Elleby, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. How should I go about making a website? Could I do it for free? What are the necessities to put on it relating to magic?
  2. If you want a quality website, I wouldn't count on it being free. I would imagine it being about ten bucks (or more) a month.
  3. I would highly recommend
    you build and customize you site using their builder and you can really make some beautiful sites with no previous knowledge of web design or anything like that. They aren't free but they are quite affordable for website hosting and you get what you pay for.
  4. definitely squarespace. Pay for it and you won't regret it.
    If you're planning on making an online store for free i recommend
  5. It's helpful to think about your goals of having a website. Why do you want it? Get gigs? Promote your creative magic? Promote products? Sell Products?

    After that question you must break it down more specifically. For example:
    You want a website to get gigs.
    Then you must ask: What type of gigs do I want to get? Who is my target audience?
    Let's say you are just starting to do kids shows. Your target is parents (usually moms)
    Then you need to ask yourself what your audience needs to know. Keep in mind they don't care about you. For instance parents care about their kids and their money.
    Then you should write down your audience's goals: What do they want?

    Following this you can create your website to directly accomplish these goals.

    Keep in mind, you can have a different website to reach each audience.

    There are some other threads on websites if you use the search feature. ;)
  6. Whatever you do, do NOT have one of your main colors be black, because it looks absolutely terrible and heavy haha. Check out wordpress, as it is cheap, and you can very easily remove all WP branding. There are a bunch if themes and plugins that allow you to make a whole site customized to showcase yourself and your magic
  7. Nonsense. Here are two examples showing that black is fine

    In reply to the original question, you can absolutely make a good website for free. I can't recommend anywhere but as Isaac suggested, it's usually a good idea to pay for a premium service.
  8. These are the first really good examples of black based websites haha, but I agree I was a bit rash
  9. You can get one with hostgator or you could use wix. It wont be free if you want a domain but it is worth it

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