Creating custom cards: what do I use

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  1. I’ve been thinking of making a magic trick, but I need to create some customized cards.

    Not a full 54 card deck, but around 4-5; like a packers worth of cards.

    How or where does one go about making custom fronts and backs for cards? Is there a website that does this?
    If you do this on your own, what programs would you need to do this?
    If you were to research marked card methods, are there any resources for that?
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  2. A bunch of great questions!

    I use adobe illustrator for the design software.

    For a place to get this done you could try printbymagic. They even be able to help with the design side but I’m not sure...

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  3. Check this out here:

    It is a bit involved, but would be the DIY method if you only needed a couple of cards. Under "The Basic Process" is a link to an online card designer and you can buy the graphics for the faces.

    Also, if the cards are variations of regular cards (e.g. half KD and half QH), you can do it through splitting and pasting.

    For marked cards, you want Kirk Charles book "Hidden in Plain Sight."
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  4. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are common. Wacom tablets are often used as well. You can also just draw the design out on paper and scan it then use sites online to vector-ize it. Or you can use a site like Fivver and have someone else do it on the cheap.

    Hidden in Plain Sight is the book I see recommended most often. I just make up a simple system any time I need to do it. You can use some pretty obvious seeming marks without laymen seeing them at all.
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