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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Clay Elleby, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Has anyone come up with any creative ideas for Blake Vogt's Regeneration aside from the ones taught on the dvd?
  2. Great question Clay! I would love to hear as well. I could probably throw a couple ideas on here that weren't on the DVD too. Lets see what you guys have thought of first tho.
  3. I have not purchased the effect yet but I could see the possibilities with angle zero
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    I've done it before where I have two cards selected, tear and "eat" the corners off of each, and then proceed to replace the corners on the opposite cards. This does not make it a transposition, as in the eyes of the spectator once the corner is torn it doesn't matter where you replace it too. However it does make the restoration much more impactful, as people won't even attempt to question that the corner pieces were previously connected somehow. Seeing a corner go from one card to a different card makes the restoration unquestionable, at least in my experience.

    Another fun one, but very hard to execute, is to fold the corner, act like your about to start tearing, and then think better of the decision. Instead, turn the card over (the line on the corner being an after effect of the previous folding) and have them sign across the front in big letters. Then proceed with the effect. It then becomes a signed torn and restored card, with you actually being able to tear right through their signature. You can even still flash the corner after you tear it, just make sure to keep a finger over the area where their signature should be.

    One I don't ever really do but I think has a lot of merit to it. After tearing the corner and vanishing it, take the card back from them, still keeping it fully in the open and within their "bubble." Then ask them to hold their index finger out in front of them. Balance the card on your index finger, with the missing corner facing you, and have them place their index finger right on top of the card above your own. While that might sound a little weird, it's all just getting you into a position of having his index finger on top of yours, pinching the card inbetween. Missing corner facing you. You then have them grab the other side of the card, and pull it through the "slot" made by your two index fingers quickly. To them, it appears that the second they pull it through the corner magically reappears, because up till the second it passes through it still looks like its missing.

    A risky but fun one. Ask to borrow a spectators wallet, making sure it has lengthwise credit card slots, one of which contains a card. After having torn the corner, open their wallet. Act like your trying to place their card in front of their credit card and having trouble getting it in. Remove the credit card, and align the two cards. Covering the missing corner with their credit card, proceed to initiate the "restoration." Replace both cards into the wallet simultaneously, keeping the now restored corner covered by their credit card. Then close the wallet, do any vanish you like, personally I like to do a false transfer, followed by faking the action of pushing "the corner" through the leather of their wallet. Have them remove their card. When the pull it out, it is restored.
    I don't like the above because of the cover it necessitates, but the penetration and having them remove the card both can achieve a lot of impact. It's also nice that its a borrowed wallet.

    A few ideas I've played with but never really performed:

    Doing a twice restored corner. In other words, doing the effect, and then doing it again right after itself with the same corner. You can imagine how this might be achieved if you know how it works. The only time I ever used it was to mess with another magician friend of mine, as he knew regeneration so seeing it done a second time in a row really messed with him.

    same idea as the first but with the cards from two different decks

    accidentally restoring the corner upside down, as in facing the wrong way. (this also acts as a major convincer that they just saw a legitimate restoration, but it takes forever to make the gimmick)

    eating the torn corner, then using IT to do a "spit and restored" distance restoration. (i'm not very good with IT, but I feel like this has a ton of potential if someone figured it out well)

    burning the corner, tearing similar sized corner of flash paper, drawing the torn off corners pip onto the flash paper, using the flash paper to cover the missing corner, restore it under cover, light the flash paper and show the restoration.

    And here's my big one. I've actually been trying to figure this out for a little while, and there are some serious technical difficulties. I am sure that it is possible though. Essentially, making the gimmick at the halfway line instead of the corner. Then making both halves, on either side of the line, restorable. But not just restorable, restorable with a different back design. Then doing a six phase, torn and restored color changing card. So start with a blue card, tear it, vanish it, restore it to red, tear the other blue half, vanish it, restore it to red. Combining this with the previous idea of folding then signing, you can do it with a signed card. I want to figure this out so freaking badly, but so far I haven't figured out a way to make the gimmick so that it can be examined afterwords, which I think is one of the biggest points of this effect.

    Edit: wait a second, I think I might actually have figured out the above idea. I'm gonna have to try making it when it back to my house after the holidays! I hope it works!

    Kudos for creating this Blake, beautiful idea.
  5. Great ideas Tyler. I would love to hear your ideas Blake!

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