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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by forane, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys. Ive been interested in creating my own magic website, and have already began to incorporate fellow magicians into my ideas and working with them to turn their ideas into the best they can be, but I am still at a lack of creators/teachers. So if youve got any interest what-so-ever in becoming part of this project, and publishing your own effects after they have been taken to the next level, or you have any questions for me, then please private message me. This is gonna be interesting.

  2. Here's the thing, people always come up with these ideas for a way to sell and make money ASAP. The thing that these people lack is credibility. Who are you to take people's creations and say that you will sell them? Do you have any business background? If you look at the top websites they are backed by some great minds and magicians. Not just Theory11 but almost every magic website and shop!


  3. Its just Mitchell, I'm not into this to make the money. This is simply a project for the very reason to which you addressed. It is so hard now a days for magicians to find work that have not yet made it big, and that is what this whole project is about. The money might came it might not, but still, this is an oppurtunity for no-name magicians to get started, and hopefully excel, and I'm here to help through this project. I understand the concern, and appreciate it, but you were a little off in your accusations.


  4. I have an existing project very similar to this.
    Perhaps we could/should speak.
  5. doesnt sound to bad people will have things against it though
  6. its not hard for a magician to find work. ever heard of me? me either ;) yet it get gig's frequently and im lazy with the effort.

    the problem is everyone the past few years wants to be a professional "magic teacher" or "magic seller" and not a magic performer.

    it feels like a generation of magicians that sell and teach magic though people who want to sell and teach magic.
  7. Share.
    Creativity from arund the world.
  8. Once or twice a month there seems to somebody who wants to create their own website, sell effects etc and I have yet to see it work.

    I don't believe somebody with no credibility can pull this off succesfully, you say you will "work with people and turn their ideas into the best they can be". You have nothing to back this up. If I have created some effects why would I want to work with you? How can you improve my effects?.

    You won't be able to help no name magicians get their name out their because you are one yourself.

    If you have a history of creating effects, are a professional magician or have videos of you performing available for us to watch then maybe people might take an interest in you.

    You need to prove you are in a position to do this.
  9. Hehe, I was going to mention this to you but you beat me to it... haha


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