credit card number Mentalism.

Jan 28, 2009
Belgium, Antwerp
hey, I'm looking for the best handeling of this classic effect where you ask someone to hold there credit card between there hands and you are able to reveal there credit card number or atleast a part of if for obvieus reasons.

pleas help, I need it fast!

I'm not looking for this is mentalism effect but I'm planning to perform this as part of a pickpocketing act.


Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC
I'm pretty sure Dee Christopher has a take on this effect in Pieces @3AM. If I remember correctly it's called theft and uses a small (sealed) envelope.

I can't recall any other methods at the moment.
Jan 1, 2009
Back in Time
Or if you know some hypnosis you can get them to give you their wallet, then you memorize the number and make them completely forget that they gave it to you.

This may not work for everybody, but it is an idea.
Sep 24, 2007
Or you could just "blindfold" yourself (leaving room for you to peek either straight ahead or down the nose) and then just hold the credit card and reveal details from it. The blindfold does need to be a convincing one though.

Being blindfolded could make the entire pickpocketing sequence more interesting and impossible..
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
I can think of a few methods to do this, but frustratingly enough, I can't remember where to find them!

Although another thought just came to mind - if you think outside the box, you could make a two-phase effect out of this using principles from Banachek's Psychological Subtleties. Use the first phase to set up the second divination phase. Then you could cleanly have them hold the credit card between their hands and divine as many numbers as you wished.
Jan 16, 2008
Dee Christopher's THEFT found in Pieces@3AM would be ideal for you. Minimal practice time, effective, and simple. No gimmicks needed ;)
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