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    Ok... I have a dillema. I've been working on a long term project for the past five weeks and I need to find a way to put my cited sources (bibliography) at the end of this movie project. I've tried so far using the software that I have and it just doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Whats this got to do with magic?
    You should probably head to a computer/software related forum.
  3. I agreed with visualartist
  4. I've noticed that the guys here have some editing skills at least when it comes to titles and applying text. And I know for sure that since this is an active community that I am most likely going to get a response.
    If I need to delete this because its off topic than please let me know.
  5. well what software do you have?
  6. Cyberlink Powerdirector 7, I copy all of the text into the rolling credit area and it becomes to big for the screen. I've tried making the text as small as possible but it is still too big. If there is any other software out there then that would also work.c (sorry about the being off topic of magic.)
  7. I'll help you out. Doesn't matter to me if its magic related.

    I produce all of the videos and DVD's over at Mental Playground Productions (

    I sent you a PM with the detals.


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